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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Greg_Jordan92, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. This man mistook the emergency exit for the loo door and fell out of the coach onto the motorway.

    Not even Mr Bean was that stupid.


    Does he qualify for a Darwin award ?
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  2. I think that qualifies him for a Darwin award with Laboons and Ice-Cream Cluster.
  3. What a fuck-wit... Qualifies and probably will be the ultimate winner this year.
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  4. i was told a story by a south african (white one) about a the way of life there. as he was talking and talking and talking on until he stumbled accross an intresting topic. He was saying about how little the white people regarded the blacks (a while ago) there and how one black gentleman in paticular fell over infront of a tractor; the white man operating this saw no reason to stop and ran over his head.

    Astonishingly, the black gentleman was completely unscathed, the ground was wet and soft and, despite being understandably a little shaken, he was in perfect health.

    In then next few days the black gentleman beleived that he was a superhero and was spreading the word for all to come and see his super powers in action, after a week, everone had heard and came to see this superman. He asked someone to rev up the tractor and run over him, confident that he would be unharmed yet again. As the tractor ran over him there were sickly crunches followed by gushing blood and gasps.

    As you will have already figured out, the floor was hard by then and the poor bloke was crunched by a great big tractor. i have not yet tried to, but i am going to have a look for some truth behind this story. If there is, then this guy really takes the biscuit.
  5. All of the above in here other thread too large now :wink:
  6. Lonks?
  7. My mum's dog was run over by a tractor and emerged unscathed (stupid dog). She just got squished into the soft mud.
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  8. Did it try it again when it was dry, thinking, gee that was fun.. again! haha
    If it did, it might be a black dog 8)

    Btw, im not racist i was born in zimbabwe, nextdoor to south africa, and thats just humour over there :)

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  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  10. [​IMG]

    From Sainsburys in Braintree.

    Lifted from this blog
  11. i laughed a little.
  12. ugly

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