All in one printer trouble

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious but...

The other day I tried to photocopy something with my HP psc 2175 all in one printer, but when I pressed the copy button it did nothing, I told me to "press Enter to align cartridges". I did, and it printed a test page. Then, guess what? I went through the same procedure several times.

I gave up, but powered up the PC to see if it would print and it did.

My first thought was to reinstall the printer, but since a) the was turned off when the problem first happened and b) the fault is a printer on it clearly won't do any good.

Any ideas?

PS When printing it has been making a grinding/craping sound....
Chuck it in the bin and buy another make. I have been plagued by HP for about 6 years, I can`t wait for either/both the PC and printer/scanner to blow up, even if it takes the flat with them.....they are the devil incarnate loaded with devious software.. :evil:
After you printed the test page, did you run it through the scanner to finish the alignment process?
Turn Printer power off
Have a cuppa
Power it back up while holding down the cancel key and the right arrow key simultaneously

This hard resets the ROM

If it still won't work, dump it. They're ballache.
I had good service from HP. Worked with their support but we could not solve the problem. They swapped the machine. Mine was about 18 months old and I got what looked like a new one. They even arranged all the delivery and collection hassle with DHL. Really, I know it is unorthodox but give support a go.
Do you actually mean copy as in, press copy and it sucks it in and prints you a copy, or do you mean scan?

If it's just copy, then why not try scanning and printing. A ball ache probably, but it gets you around the immediate problem.
Once power OFF and ON the printer.

Press and hold the Setup, and then press Options (or Copy Options).

Gives message Copy / 100%

Press Start Color copy on All-in-One

Gives message 1 copy/100% is on LCD screen

Press copy from All-in-One front panel

Press Start Copy Color on the front panel of the printer.
Thanks vegnomeat, that seems to have done the trick!
Nope. No Vista here!

Anyway, it seems to have got worse. Now the bastard thing keeps deciding to get a paper jam every time I try to print.

Any suugestions? Pulling my hair out as I've a couple of important things to print....
HP all-in-ones are a pile of rancid poo. I had a similiar fault with a 2100-series, about two weeks after the warranty ran out. Regular swift smacks to the righthand side kept it working for a couple of months until it finally totally died. It was terrible scanner and printer even when it was working.

The Epson all-in-ones are heaps better with actually good quality scanning and printing for the price.
Yokel said:
Nope. No Vista here!

Anyway, it seems to have got worse. Now the bastard thing keeps deciding to get a paper jam every time I try to print.

Any suugestions? Pulling my hair out as I've a couple of important things to print....
They are, as previously stated , rancid crap.

We have one at work and I have found that 99.99999% of paper jams are caused by pushing the ream of paper too far in when feeding it.

You need to put the paper in and stop as soon as you feel the slightest resistance, failure to do so will have the machine trying to eat 10 sheets at a time and cause a jam. You also need to "fluff" the paper (not suck it off, just wave it around a bit before inserting the stack of sheets) before putting it in to the feeder.

You also need to be aware that they can jam a piece of paper in there and you will NOT be able to see it from the front, it will scrunch up and will only be visible by removing the back cover. This fcuked piece of paper will then cause every following piece to jam.

Do a proper head alignment that involves printing a test sheet and then scanning it, but you need it to be connected to the PC to do that as you will need to click "next", "it didn't work" and "I want to kill the man that invented this". The alignment tool is found in the HP toolbox.

I was ready to bin ours last week due to it being a cnut but after cleaning the rollers (front and back) with isopropyl alcohol and following the above advice, it now seems to be behaving.
After clearing the paper jam, it then says "carriage jam". Arrgh.
Re printer jams, the problem I always have with gravity fed printers is just that, gravity, my last printer went tits up after a couple of weeks. The cause ? A pea in the feed mechanism.


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I've had my HP 1317 psc six years now and it has always purred happily away, doing what it says on the tin. The only thing that it won't do, and that's a host software problem, is delete stuff properly from the printer queue when I want to cancel something having had second thoughts about printing it.
Just had a similar problem with my HP B209a printer/scanner.

I've got to take the printhead assembly in to be exchanged, which is a pain.

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