All he did was drive fast......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, May 17, 2009.

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  1. Mongs. See that the esteemed BNP are now saying that Johnson Beharry VC only got it because he was black and all that he was to ''drive away very fast from a combat zone''!!!

    Wonder if wonky eyed Nick has been near a combat zone?!
  2. I think that's a slur on mongs. All they do is drool over stuff a bit, and in return they help the economy by providing a ready and enduring market for ices and laboons.
  3. Did they actually read his citation and what he did other than drive fast? As in, actually getting out the driving seat on several occasions under en .... oh forget it!

    One ticket for the outrage bus please!!!!! Utter cunts....
  4. BNP = Scumbags Enough Said.
  5. With the rest of the Westminster shredding personal bank statements and preparing their lines, "But I've done nothing wrong", it is the best chance BNP has of making any realistic headway as a party. To do this they must be in the public eye but they have nothing credible to be in the newspapers about so they come up with this shite. Very poor show, will backfire.
  6. Lets see how fast you can drive anywhere after you've taken an RPG to the face Nicky you fucking Nasa chimp.
  7. Does Griffin ever think about what he's going to say before opening his gob? Or check his facts, read citations etc?

    That's shown the BNP for what they truly are.
  8. At the risk of not leaping on the outrage bus, I can't find any reference to this on their website as the Telegraph claims, anybody else having some luck finding this?
  9. You know, I looked at the BNP leaflet pushed into my hands yesterday by a young lass and thought to myself (well ok after that other thought) "I agree with what they are saying in principle-well about 90% of it" then reality kicks in and they show their true colours....We need a viable option to the mainstream snout snuffling thieving bar stewards, someone who will put Britain first again...

    Blethering, thieving, scumbag idiots the lot of 'em :roll:
  10. Pathetic. But what else would you expect from the Nazi Walts? :roll: