All hail The High Steward of Hull and The Sherrif of Hull

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Any jobs going there as a Pie and Baked Beans with lots of brown sauce tester?
  2. Mandy, "Golden" Virginia Bumley and "No Jobs" Prescott?

    All utter *****. Need someone honourable for the gigs, what about MiT?
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  3. The man (and I use that term loosely) is, and always has been a:

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  4. The citizens of Hull must bw feeling persecuted.
    Wouldn't wish that 3 on my worst enemy.

  5. I don't take my tractor into Hull
    Because it's not very agricultural!
  6. Two Jabs will always be a Steward, a shop steward, a bar steward.

    As for Mandy he must be miffed at not being the sheriff, after all he been polishing his chocolate starfish for years...
  7. Given his obvious success over the last 43 years it's hard to imagine why they passed the twat over! Has he actually been there?
  8. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Given Mandleson's sexuality, is bestowing the second title on Bottomley an excellent piece of wit?

  9. #
    Actually Mandy with his International connections and networking ability is quite a shrewd choice. Ginny has been Chancellor of the University of Hull for many years and has always taken a great interest in the proceedings of University Court.

    Naturally I would be bringing my sex appeal and hatred of the French. Plus even absolutely shitfaced I am still more articulate than Lard Prescott of Pies.

    Would you like to be my deputy?
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  10. Looking at the appointees and at the disgruntled passed over ********, did anyone of any use whatsoever, ever come out of Hull?
  11. King Ston and his Rovers .
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  12. Whilst Hull is a safe Labour seat, and they would vote a shaved chimp in with the right rosette, it is nice to see that they wouldn't vote him in as police commissioner, nor as civic dignitary. Leading me to the conclusion that both the elite and the masses think he is an ill bred, incoherent, oik of the first water. How nice.
  13. Too right, Chemo Savvy.

    I'll get to work on the twinning with Kingston Jamaica, toot sweet.
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  14. Huzzah! all chip shops will sell guacamole now.