All gone wrong

I have a Renault Scenic RX4, which to be fair to it is a lot better that the Volvo T4 it replaced (better on fuel, comfort and not encouraging me to try and go everywhere at 130mph).
On the way to work on Monday it threw it's alternator belt and once I'd pulled over to inspect the problem (I thought it was a carrier bag caught underneath as it made the same noise) and then got back in it wouldn't start any more. The garage tells me that the immobiliser is failing to recognise either of the keys we've given them and they will have to take it to the local renault dealership in the morning for them to look at it. Has anyone here and problems with a Renault 'forgetting' its keys?
My Old Clio 'forgot' its keys. A major ballake to get it sorted
How much to fix?
Year before last I lost a key to my Scenic, and between losing my first request for a new one, and then sending off for one it took nearly 3 months because everything is computerized to speed things up for the consumer.
Good luck mate.

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