All gone wrong in Hong Kong


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China appears to have amassed troops ready to 'invade' Hong Kong to thwart the protests there.

I recall people wondering if China would come down on the capitalist region when they took it over from us but they seemed to have been happy letting it carry on without too much intervention, until now of course.

I can't see this ending well for anyone living or working there, but doubt anyone will stop China from doing whatever they want with the place.
If or should I say when the CPLA move in will this set off another refugee surge in Asia? Like the boat people when South Vietnam collapsed? Mind you Dover beach is quite a distance to row!
There’s a lesson from history for China on the present rioting of the Hong Kong residents.

In 1956 there was wide scale rioting but this was between factions of Chinese themselves.

In 1967 under British rule over a relatively minor labor dispute in a factory the pro Communist trade Unions backed by Beijing and openly assisted by the Red Guards organsized riots and terrorist attacks against the British administration.

These were very much more violent than the present ones, ran for eight months with over 51 people killed. The British despite the violence and instigation from China Britain allowed the local administration and local Hong Kong Police to control the riots themselves in a quiet and controlled manner, with the administration working to address the publics concerns.

The colonial administration enacted numerous polices and programmes to address what were recognised to be legitimate grievances among Hong Kong’s often exploited and abused workers.

In 1967 the Hong Kong police was around 13,000 personnel, including auxiliaries. The British army garrison consisted of 5,000 Gurkhas, 4,000 British troops and 1,300 locally recruited soldiers, as well as three Royal Navy patrol boats and a small non-combat air force presence.

In 2017 the police establishment stood at around 29,000 full time personnel plus 4,500 auxiliaries, without counting China’s nearly 5,000 troops based in the territory. As at April 30, 2018, the Force has a strength of 29,268, of which 16.9 per cent are women officers. It also has 4,331 civilian staff.

The Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force (HKAPF) in April 30, 2018, has 3,060 volunteer citizens who are a trained manpower reserve in support of the regular Force and is deployed in accordance with prevailing operational priorities as determined by the Commissioner of Police.

If China can resist coming in with troops and the present administration can address the core concerns a little more satisfactorily with the Police that themselves come from Hong Kong and have a long history and traditional British training, there is a chance of quieting the situation.

If they come in with force from the mainland and crush the riots with force doing a Tian Ming style put down, they will destroy their 'Golden Egg’ inherited from Britain, and reinforce a reputation for severe lack of concern for human rights.
Pete Tong in Hong Kong?

Quelle Surprise!
Only 132 Xiaoping days to Christmas.
Where they'll be able to watch tv delights like Wallace and Gromit's "The Wong Trousers"
Only 132 Xiaoping days to Christmas.
It doesn't matter if the reindeer's grey or brown, so long as it pulls a sleigh.

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