All going Pete Tong at the HAC

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by curiousgeorge, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. I have heard a RUMOUR (from a mate) of things going all wrong at the HAC. PSIs sacked, all their blokes leaving and some sort of big drama. Anyone know what the story is ?
  2. Depends, which paper will it appear in?
  3. Not really the time or place to discus this online is it Curious George.

    Just ask your mate more questions and kindly refrain from discussing online.

    MODs - This thread should be locked.
  4. Seems there was a 'daisy chain' session at the local massage parlour where one young thruster got the lube and super glue mixed up resulting in most of the seniors and two captains being taken to Barts whilst still sunk to the nuts of the chap behind him...

    Or was that the King's Troop, St John's Wood and involving the horses too?
  5. Why should this thread be locked?

    It is Army RUMOUR Service after all
  6. Now you've just got us all interested :? :?

    Carry On??
  7. I heard it all started when one of their number said, "You know, I don't think we're really Special Forces at all!"

    Had to call in 'Mr Wolf' after that one.
  8. ...And you went to all the trouble of creating a new user id just to ask that didn't you??? And it just so happened to be your very first post too...

  9. :roll: *sigh*
  10. Taffyorkie, my thoughts exactly, Also 58_pattern this is a rumour service after all why lock it or do you have something to hide from?

  11. "Miss!......................Please miss, he's telling tales"

    Get a grip you hermo.
  12. Leave it open MODs, it'll be entertaining!
  13. Ahem, I think the mods have a mind of their own...bless em.

    However I am outraged that anyone would not count information gained here as anything but the gospel truth. If it can be quoted by committees it's good enough for me.

    HAC eh what do they do again.?
  14. Stop being a Pretentious bollock 58, THEY ARE NOT S.F.! Although they think they are. Spill the beans someone!
  15. Shame he was busy trying to unsink them from the guy behind him in the massage parlor mentioned above.