All girl RAF Merlin crew ready for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kes1, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Just read this on MoD News:

    Good luck to them, but I wonder if it would have made the news being an all male probably not.

    Does this advance equality or hinder it?
  2. Another PR masterstroke from the RAF, nothing more.

    God they're good at this.
  3. Cracking story and dead impressed girls, mega stuff, it does however remind of the time 2 Int Corps birds let a little bit of bottom smell out and gripped my manly arms so tight I had fingernail marks for a week, the reason ? The cab loosed off chaff on the lift between BAS and Shaibah .. the sh*t pant fems died a brief death !! :D
  4. Be good PR for Terry if he shoots them down and rogers them senseless as well. Would have been better to keep quiet about it.
  5. More importantly, are any of them lookers?
  6. What irritates me about tripe like this is that it is meaningless.
    We have all these Equality and Diversity policies almost physically pumped into us then.

    For example, we have had male nurses for years, so if I became a nurse tomorrow no one one would care.

    We have had female pilots & aircrew for years, so why the fuss?

    Wheres is the being treated as equals here?

    I don't care what gender/sexual/political/ whatever the person is.

    As long as they do the job properly so what?
  7. I do try not to get grumpy about this sort of stuff - really I do. So they're aware that they might be shot down etc etc. I imagine all the other crews are too and the blokes and blokesses on the ground certainly are aware of the dangers.

    As to whether it advances or hinders equality - neither sadly. It just belittles the issue. Still, no doubt the gormless media will enjoy it all.
  8. But even if that does happen, it's still good PR for the RAF's glorious heroines, and makes Terry look even more hideously evil, the bastard.

    Wet panted, gushing chicks will be queing up for miles outside the RAF careers office this morning, spouting "girl power" and all that bollocks.
  9. Hatches and Harnesses
    - check
    - check
    - check
    Emergency Handbag
    - .. got a problem, no mascara. What do we do if we get captured and displayed on TV?
    No worries, they'll make us wear a burka :)

    IME, there are quite a few women I'd rather have serving under or over me (in both senses) than quite a lot of men (in purely the military command sense - any man in the other sense)
  10. Cue the very old joke about renaming the cockpit 'the box office'.
  11. I thought the enemy only rogered young men and boys, or am I just susceptible to propaganda?
  12. Far be it for me to degenerate this thread into the realms of misogyny, but DFC winner Michelle Goodman would get it.
  13. I should have been put this in the NAAFI
  14. Come on lets be honest when you have been stuck in them mountains for a couple of years, you are not going to be fussy are you.