All for the whim of a child




According to this article, the Arms Plot has ben changed so that Welsh Guards stay in London so William can join them-I'm sure that the Toms and their wives who have endured the hassles of life on the promise of a new car when the Germany tour comes around are really pleased that they will be staying put-along with another NI tour to fit round poor little diddumds so he can be near to Daddy and his social whirl.  I believe strongly in the Constitutional position of the Monarchy, it sets us appart from the lowlife Republics of the world (France, USA Iraq etc) but this does test the patience a little bit!!
... but this does test the patience a little bit!!

Arms plot? I just wonder about the poor sods at his new OTC, if the article is to be believed...... I wonder if their exercise planning needs a new paragraph marked "Personal Protection"? (Not to mention making Ex NORTHERN LIGHTS a bit more interesting!) Mind you, they'll probably move instantly up the scale for Gucci annual camp locations. Send them to Macrihanish, I say....

While he could always follow in Dad's footsteps and go Para Reg, that would make them insufferable ;)
I am sure William would not relish the idea of standing outside Grandma's house as a career.


The Welsh Guards have been planning to go to St Athens for over a year, so don't know where this story has come from.  Sounds like papers making things up.


Its where they were going after St Athan that is interesting.  A WG officer I met said they weredreading it as all the lads were planning to buy houses locally then when the move came they would all leave.  the point here is that plans are bing changed for what is a trivial reason.  At least if they were off to Hunland they could have rented the house and bough the missus a new car.  Now she'll stay put and the lads can live in the block-votes with feet to follow

As for the OTC the lads will be brushing up their toadying and the girls will be removing undergarments just in case (and before you slag me down - yes I am ex OTC!!)


why not let him join the sas the e&e  skills he will
learn will be useful when the revolution comes  :)
   give him something to do whie he waits for his dad to die


War Hero
It is nothing short of disgraceful that a whole Btn has its routine changed for a spoilt asshole.

I would be seething with hatred if I was in that Btn going on another 6 month prison sentence in NI just so that prick could be closer to mummy and his fu#ked up dad (one of the same.)

Just loved the way that he was top cadet just like his brother who is as bout as military as my carpet slippers.

What a joke.

I was at Lympstone when his royal pathetic ness was there.

He did not understand when he joined that he was not going to be given a beret like his older brother and rapped his tits in.

They are all a bunch of *******.

When he left everybody drew a breath of relief except for very senior officers who wanted reflected royalty.

Not needed in the 21st Century.

Apart from that I quite like the royal family

Chris........As for him wanting to join the SAS it just proves what a dream world they live in.......pass him an action man doll and let him crack on.


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I am going to put my Gipsy Rose Lee head on now...I prophesise that he will get the sword of honour and will become the top Sandhurst Cadet.

I took a certain Royal on a CQB lane once and to watch all his hangers on, whom were Majors etc swooning with crap was corrupt.

What makes intelligent strong men fools and toads when close to these people?

I was not impressed, he was told not bad for a matelot and to his credit laughed, I got the impression that to be treated normally was a relief amongst the toads.

We were all talking about William but it appears to be Harry's name in the frame.

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