All female intake at Bassingbourne July 28th!!!!

Just wondered if anyone else is booked on for this course!!

And any advice from anyone who has been to Bassingbourne recently would be greatly appreciated!



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We have an all female intake runnig at moment, and seems to be going well. Canditates look happy enough, although that should not be allowed! Can't have happy!
finished by 5?!?!
Things have gone soft..
territoriallybarmy said:
I went on an all guys one recently and was very good hard work but was finished by 5 pretty much every day.

Finished by FIVE?!?? When I did the weekends about seven years ago it was first lesson 0815, last lesson end at about 1845 with an hours PT/sports commencing 1900.


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I can tell you that the program has you working a while after 5. On some days certainly.
So is there anything extra I should pack thats not on the standard kit list that they issue!


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A good Merlot, and possibly a decent Chardonnay.
Well, that would be my suggestion, but since I am not running around and getting all sweaty, I may be wrong in suggesting those.
So does anybody know of anybody in their units who will be attending!
Our days generally finished around 7pm....but it was alright, nothing too taxing, ....take a kettle!
So an ironing board and a kettle then! sounds like a plan to me!

And as its just a female intake maybe i should take along some hot chocolate powder.............. Just incase................ you know what us women can be like when we are all put together!!
I seem to remember being on the go all day; 0500-2300; I really don't know when teaching/PT finished, everything blended into one! Oh, and that damned water parade.. what a pain in the arrse that was!!
Take: a kettle, a radio / ipod+speakers, damn good iron, ironing board if pos, matching coat hangers, spare kit if you've got it, Cup-a-soups, any drinks etc... there's some wipe-on black wax polish from's cheating, but it gets your boots looking decent quickly! You can get most stuff from the naafi, but its a usually a rip-off.

Shaving foam gets boot polish off the floor, and if you iron in the turnback in your sheet really hard you don't need to measure it each time. Practice folding things to A4 size.

Can't think of anything else, twas a good while ago since I did my CMS(R)!
Good luck and have fun!

Btw - are all CMS(R) courses now M/F only, or are there some mixed ones still? If now just single sex, why?

Thank you for that bit of info! No not all courses are female and male intakes. Most of the time they are just male or mixed. My PSI thought it would be funny to send me on a female only!

Its a long story............................... i won't bore you!!
I already have some condoms in my first aid kit!

I assume you mean solely for survival circumstances ............................................ it is a female intake after all!!!!

oops did i say that out loud!
condoms for burns and holding water, tampons for bullet wounds!

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