All Des kit,and MTP withdrawn after demob?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by swampmonster, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. Hello,
    Mate of mine (Honest) has been told to bring back all his C class items Des clothes, boots etc etc to withdrawn by our unit, right down to the ponchy Bastion belt and mozzie net even the ear plugs on string not had any notice of this myself, anyone else who came back from H13 had the same thing done by their QM's?

    Just sounds a bit odd wanting manky boots and Dessy kit, most of mine got burned in the PB burn pit or handed to the ANA/Terps after MTP was issued.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    It's on his flick, so best he hands it in now rather than get billed for stuff when he comes to leave the TA.
  3. Good point, thing is its the first time ive seen the Chillwell issue getting hounded out of someone after tour (after handing in the returnable items, ECBA etc) I thought most of these items were single issue, thus not accountable? has this changed ?
  4. Always has been the case, everything is accounted for. Just means that 'next to skin' items would be sold on to surplus.

    We don't give it away for free, if your friend has not got his kit, he will be billed for it!
  5. Well, its a one off issue for the your and your dessert kit is on an 1033 not your 1157, all new mtp / PCU will be on your 1157 I believe or thats what RTMC told me back in April, and that they did not want any dessert kit back.

  6. When I have been issued kit previously, it has at times been issued on a G1033, however, on inspection of my 1157 it has been transferred on to it!
  7. You signed for it on a temporary issue; no reason not to if you've still got the kit!

    Placing OP kit on your 1157 has been happening for years now, as many more repeat tours occur; the repeat issue of the Black Bag eqpt to kit tarts has to stop at some point. Think of the millions of pounds of unaccounted kit that ends up on eBay etc etc. Whilst it is still available to all, multiple tour guys have started to only exchange and be issued kit they want/need.
  8. When I returned (2008 and 2009) I handed my 6a and ECBA in. Bust. In fact I got my 6a handed back to me with RTMC saying that as it was on my chit I had to keep it. They wouldn't take anything else from my kit.The easiest answer is get a printout of your 1157 and check exactly what is on there. Not on there? Bin/Ebay. When someone whinges "But it was issued!" Just ask them to point out where it is on your flick. Start thinning out your unneeded kit early on in your career to keep on top of it.
  9. Same here, Like i said, its not me the kit is being withdrawn from, The Fellow SNCO involved has had a double issue of Dessy/MTP kit, one from Chillwell and another from 3 PARA (His Tour unit)... I on the other hand got a full set of Dessy kit at Chill well on 1033 and then some MTP in theater (still not on my flick as it was not my unit I got it from) as i went out Early as a CONCO.... Just wondered what all the fuss was about..... :eek:)