All Delusional Barstards even if they aint fat.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Monty417, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. Starting with that very very seriously deluded tw*t, 'GorGon 'I will save the world' Clown, or Cloon. Caught several times, trying to walk on water in the lake district recently. When he sank, he said it was because of the holes in his feet, from his Crucifixion. And he's a fat cnut as well.
  2. Not a mate of yours then?
  3. He was nt watching were he was going.........sounds familiar :oops:
  4. Katie 'Jordan' Price. She is an ugly no hipped munter with monster recycled Bristol Cities, who has delusions that she is a beautiful woman who can sing. Her knobhead husband, the downtrodden Peter, was deluded enough to believe that she was anything other than a slut. The Israelis at least knew when to pull out of Jordon. And stay away.

    Then we have Victoria Fcuking Beckham. She is deluded enough to think that she is God's Gift to the USA, the UK being a bit beneath her nowadays. Bestowing upon the world, her multipul talents. Gifted fashion designer, perfumer, model, singer and football manager.