All Coppers Are Bastards...Lucky Bastards.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Sorry but he is minor league. Here is true class:

    "PC Shaun Jenkins, 36, met the woman while he was on patrol and took her to his house, where they had intercourse as his colleague waited outside for 40 minutes in their car.

    The officer was originally allowed to keep his job, but was sacked for misconduct after the husband of the woman complained.

    Gwent Police said his misconduct was made worse by him leaving his loaded pistol on a table during the encounter.

    However, Pc Jenkins appealed successfully, saying the disciplinary procedure had been mishandled. An appeals panel also upheld his claim that he was always in reach of the pistol because it was in his holster, attached to his trousers. "

    Long arm of the law saves officer caught with his trousers down - Telegraph
  2. Nah, thirty three at the same time, at least four a day. Only Kent Police could come close to that.
  3. I wouldn't call having 33 birds on the go at the same time 'minor league'. He must have the stamina of a fecking race horse and is probably hung like one as well. The only downer, imagine the ear bashing 33 women could give you!
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  4. Must be quiet where he works. It's fucking quiet where I work but on the occasions I act up the phone doesn't stop ringing and the radio doesn't stop nagging.

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  5. Unfortunately for him the current Commissioner is a happy-clapper at the Hillsong Church, and will probably not appreciate his achievements as much as others.
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  6. I'll bet his Viagra bill is astronomical!
  7. Especially if they all hit rag week at the same time!
  8. Those creepy hillsong cunts are infiltrating everywhere. Used to be police hierarchy was made up of masons and catholics and universally alcoholic.

    These hillsong weirdos don't even have the decency to root small boys. Fucking odd cunts.

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