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All Commanding Officers and Regimental Sergeant Majors please just get a grip.

Berets and Dress Standards

It comes to something when this has to be addressed on Arrse.

Why oh why do we continue to see the increase in the wearing of berets as peaked flat hats with badges not over the left eye, but stuck almost behind the line of the left ear?

Is it fashion?

Is it style?

Is it comfortable?

Is it respectful?

Is it a sign of Regimental individuality?

Is it simple idleness and a failure of the Change of Command in not having the Moral Courage to correct it?

Is it a sign of toughness?
yes I suppose
how would it not be?
I dont see how it wouldn't be...
probably not

Why do people have such a problem with it?


Book Reviewer
Does it have to be addressed on arrse? Really? I suppose you're right. After all, the real reason that people are getting away with it is that every battalion commander and every RSM is permenantly glued to arrse and will therefore read this. I myself am the RSM for the Coldstream Guards. I shall consider myself told and will sort it immediately. Sah!


So which regiments are still bad for this? My lot went through a phase but it was stamped on, though people still get away with wearing their berets with a bit of attitude.

The Rifles seem to be pretty bad for it, as do attached arms in 16X.


Not just a hat mate, it is a sign of your Regimental allegiance worn with a badge that you should be proud of displaying to the front of your head - for ****'s sake!
Unless of course the pride you take in your battalion/commando/squadron etc, requires that you wear it 'unconventionally'.

It's just a ******* hat.

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