All Commanding Officers and Regimental Sergeant Majors please just get a grip # 2

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hexitele, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. Whilst looking at Soldier Magzine I noticed soldiers now lace their boots however they like.

    How will the Gurkha's know who's throats to slit?

    Can anyone think of any other Fads which may result in the complete destruction of HMF and possibly the entire planet?
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  2. Sideburns.... grow them past the middle if your ear and the world will end.
  3. You big fucking hermer. I've seen women with them passed the ear. Soldiers these days will not accept anything less than an inch above the nipples.
  4. Moustaches, once they get down past your lower lip...........
  5. And what was wrong with the #1 thread exactly? :) Don't you enjoy being shouted at by sgtmajors and being able to tell them to fuck off?
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  6. If two of you are sitting on the same bed, one of you has to have at least one foot on the floor......or you automatically both turn into hermers.
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  7. The internet?
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  8. Well we're all fucked then, there's a mayan prophecy about that one.
  9. Soldiers shouldn't have opinions. In my day they only had their putees for entertainment and a better army it was.
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  10. If only we could get that inconvenient little war in Afghanistan over with and get back to the important business of straightening everyone's beret out!
  11. Why whats up with berets... For a minute there I thought you were going to say they weren't being worn with the cap badge so close to the left eye it could be confused for being over the right.
  12. While looking at the pics of HRH Charles with some Paras on the other thread it did occur to me that maybe the reason they do the badge to the side and the flat cap look is simply because the wings on the badge are so feckin big they get in the way otherwise.
  13. Why is Hexitele worried about Johnny Gurkha?
    I thought we had sold them all (down the river).
  14. PID!

    what ever happened to " Any person that runs is a VC, anyone that stands still is a well disciplined VC"

    i miss the good old days of 200 rounds from the hip and reporting 500 confirmed kills!
  15. If only you didn't have spell check enabled to fix Hexitele's mong spelling of puttees.:)
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