All children are criminals.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Steven, Oct 10, 2007.

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    According to the results of the latest survey some 95% of children suffered some kind of vicimisation.

    95%! That means that either the remaining 5% are doing all the crimes or a lot of vicitims are also victimisers or (and this is most likely) the survey asked leading questions to get the result they wanted.

    Or are all our children horrible little shites that need some manners and sense flogged into them?
  2. I go with the latter part of your post. And can we apply that to the parents as well?

    Parents would soon take responsibility for their kids actions if they got a kicking every time little johnny put a brick through someones window
  3. I'd be fuckin annoyed if I got a kicking for johnies brick throwing antics . I've got a daughter
  4. Here here. If daddy is a long term criminal (drug dealing, burglary etc) is he going to instil in little Jimmy/Johnny;

    1. A respect for law and order and a belief in the work ethic. OR
    2. His contacts in the trade and a list of clients?

    Also Jimmy's mum lives in a nice house funded by crime, so is she going to be keen to see him on the straight and narrow?

    No wonder the kids grow up rotten.
  5. Qman,

    your safe there, she probably cant throw anyway ;) But both parents and the children themselves need to be made responsible for any actions that are carried out. Of course its not helped that parents cant give their kids red legs anymore
  6. The survey was done by the Howerd prison reform society, their definition of victim includes anyone who had been kicked, hit, had property stolen or damaged or been verbally abused. The agenda as far as I can see is to make everyone a victim, so that the actual toerags committing the real damage can claim
    ''I was a victim''
    Lets face it anyone who wasn't involved in one of the above probably skipped school altogether.
    The bottom line is it's not your fault for behaving badly sonwe're all victims and driven to it by society, honest.
  7. It seems to me that all victims of crime, as described by this report, are in fact, all guilty of growing up. I used to hit and get hit when I was at school, maybe this makes me a victim.

    Does this mean there is a claim somewhere along the line, can I sue my school. They ultimately should have been looking after me, however I have now turned into a gun totting criminal that assists in the invasion of other countries.

    Bad school, go to your room.