All Black Eastenders

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spaz, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. BBC1 Now, saw this mentioned in the paper. Tonights episode features only black actors, not just story lines featuring black characters and makes several references to civil rights and racism.

    The Beeb make no mention of this anywhere. Any thoughts for the point they are trying to make if any?
  2. Reverse racism? No outcry?
  3. que borderline/safe racist comments from many ARRSE users!
  4. All Blacks Eastenders? Is there room in Albert Square for a rugby pitch?
  5. I can understand wanting to address the issues, it just seems strange that scenes set in public places, like a cafe also have no white actors.
  6. You can't imply that, thats racist.
  7. Had it been all white actors/actresses I would hazard a guess there would be public outcry.
  8. Not from this callsign.
  9. who are they playing I love the allblacks me
  10. Oh god, i can hear the PC police smashing down my door as I type....
  11. I lied! Just saw a honky having some scoff in the cafff.
  12. No white faces in East London,wot a shocka! :wink:
  13. number 1..............
  14. It's not Honky, its "ethnically challenged!"
  15. Jesus wept, you don't actually watch Crapenders do you ?