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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lfc2001, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. lfc2001

    lfc2001 Clanker

    When you do either the all arms commando or p coy, do you stay with your reg or do you get transferred to another?
  2. young_lofty

    young_lofty War Hero

    All depends on what unit you are with at the time.
  3. Disco

    Disco LE

    Well the courses are not aimed at badge collectors, typically you will pass the course and do a posting with the airborne unit or commando bde that falls under your Corps if available.
  4. NoSurrender73

    NoSurrender73 Old-Salt

    I'm joining the royal engineers through junior entry, how long will I have to wait before I can do either the commando course or P coy?

    also, is there a minimum age?
  5. You can go straight after your Combat Engineer B3 course, and no age limit, just a sense of humour :twisted:
  6. NoSurrender73

    NoSurrender73 Old-Salt

    Cheers STN :thumleft:
  7. boredcivvy

    boredcivvy Crow

    can you go from a line infantry regiment, do p-coy and join 2 or 3 Para?

    or do you have to do the full Para Depot Holiday?
  8. lfc2001

    lfc2001 Clanker

    SO when you pass either all arms courses do you stop working with all the lads you were with before and go to a different reg?
  9. Usually you get a new posting within 3 months, if you come from a different regiment. Or if it's straight from training you go straight into 3 commando or 16 air assault.
  10. lfc2001

    lfc2001 Clanker