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Discussion in 'Officers' started by error_unknown, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. The Watchkeepers Pool is looking for ex-Regulars who would like to keep their hand in and/or TA officers who are looking for a reduced commitment [19 days] and/or a new role after commanding a sub-unit.  The official blurb says:

    "This is an all-officer, all-capbadge pool providing experienced Watchkeepers and Liaison Officers to HQs. Officers are permanently affiliated to formations, which they join regularly throughout the year. The Pool offers opportunities in all main staff branches. The upper age limit for Majors joining is 45."

    The Pool provides support to Regular HQs at Bde, Div or Corp level.  

    The minimum rank for entry is Captain.  (It is possible to join as a Captain and end up as a Lt Col.)

    For further details have a look at the website or give CVHQ RA a call.
  2. But does joining mean that you would have to re-badge as a Gunner or is it a generic unit with an all-arms establishment like Media Ops?
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Keep your cap badge, as some of ours have done.  Saw loads on an ARRCADE FUSION a couple of years ago - greast blokes, and all agreed that it was a good crack.  Some were doing more time than when in the TA, as there is always a requirement for W/Kprs.
  4. I think CVHQ RA is looking for more non-Inf & non-RA cap badges (enough of both).  Loggies & Sappers etc welcomed.
  5. ......And if it means that serving Officers aren't dragged away from their working units to do shite jobs then it can't be a bad idea!
  6. Oops!  New to the site and it looks like swearing (mild as it was) is replaced by words like 'nutse'.  New word on me.  

    Still, its always good to increase your word thingy.   Vocabulary, thats the one!
  7. For those keen on buckets and spade, a transfer to CVHQ RA seems almost as good as joining 3 MI to ensure an extended sandy holiday !

    Just got an email from a mate who had been a bit quiet for a while - now been sent sandside and has met up with lots of colleagues from CVHQ.

    Yet another one to add to my ebluey list !
  8. Those from CVHQ RA on Tranche 2a & 2b are those who expressed a positive interest in going somewhere warm.  A number were withdrawn because their employers now object.  They were happy when there was a war on, but now it has "ended" they see no reason to lose their staff for 6 odd months.

    I assume those who kept quiet are still well down the batting order.
  9. GGG

    Quote from a mate's email:

    Doesn't read like he "expressed a positive interest in going somewhere warm".

    Must dig trench deeper...........
  10. The problem may have arisen if he expressed an interest for the "real" war and did not update the powers-that-be that he no longer wished to play.  I have not heard of any CVHQ RA bods going against their will anywhere - believe me the word would get around PDQ.  
  11. The very nice military policemen that came to drive me to Chilwell (Do they wear that oversized badge to cover other deficiencies elsewhere?) said that all things considered I wasn't too unwilling to go. They even returned the chains that I'd been wearing to my wife.
  12. Right, I'm nearly sober so I think I'm posting this correctly.
    Half of ARRSE seems to adhere to U.S. style date format which has confused me on occasion. So the first time I clicked on wotsisname chapman and got the watch keepers pool I assumed I was fuggled. But this is what happens and it's irritating because I want to read more about the effing book not a dead thread. Can anyone enlighten me? No hurry cuz Im turning in shortly.

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  13. only 10 years late :)