All Arms Storemans Course

Discussion in 'REME' started by uk_numpty, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. I've been told i might do the All Arms Storemans Course, but not given anymore info on it.

    How long is it?
    Course content?
    Practical or Theory (ie classroom based?)
    Where does it take place?
    Will their be other civvies on it?
    How many on the course?
    What's accomadation like for a civilian on site?
    Where would i eat?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Try the blanket stacker forum mate.
  3. All you need to know is "stores are for storing" and you've passed.
  4. That isn't quite all. You will also need to master the "pursing of the lips", the"sharp intake of breath" and the "thumping of the big folder on top the counter before denying such an item is either a)in existence b)scaled for the poor soul asking or c) available from his store, try QM(M) or QM(T) whose shop is on the other side of the Garrison".

    You should have been locally trained in the donning of the brown coat, before attending. There will be a test before period 1, day 1 and failure means RTU.
  5. Do you get a green subdued badge like this to wear on your kit? Much akin to the AACC?
  6. The word i'm looking for rhymes with clucking bell!
    Do so hope 1 day you come to my stores to get something!!!!!! 8O
  7. Congratulations, you already seem to have the perfect stores attitude. Remember, they are your stores and there's no point in giving the kit to the lads as then you'll only have to go and order some more.
  8. As a civvy you will either be accomodated in the Sgt's Mess or in a hotel locally. The mess is a bit of a dump accomodation wise, but the facilities are ok. I haven't been since PAYD came into existence, so can't comment on the food.

    I can't comment on course content as I did not do that course. As this is in the REME forum, would it not be appropriate for you to do the REME (TSS?) Storeman's course at Bordon. It has different content as there is a lot of eqpt and processes unique to REME. (STTE/Calibration/ABRO etc.)
  9. You will need a brown warehouse coat with regimental buttons, a clipboard, the ability like Yoda to speak as in 'bag sleeping sack compression', a fondness for 13 digit numbers, and mastery of the phrase;

    "Fcuk off, we're closed"
  10. Someone did mention Borden the other day?
    And yes it is the REME.
    Got told the other day it was 1 week long, is that right?
  11. Probably. All you need to know is how to count to 10, and how to get someone to sign a 1033.
  12. Forget the "stores are for storing" crap just remember that the more that is signed out the less YOU have to account for.
  13. How long is it?

    About 4 or 5 weeks I think.

    Course content?

    Equipment Tables, Ammunition, Weapons, MSA, USA, Unicom, Manual accounting, how to run and set up a store, catogries of items, how to bill people, loan items, the list realy is endless.

    Practical or Theory (ie classroom based?)

    All classroom based

    Where does it take place?


    Will their be other civvies on it?

    possibly, usuallyone or two on every course

    How many on the course?

    Around 40, split into two groups

    What's accomadation like for a civilian on site?

    Dont know

    Where would i eat?

    As a civy Im not sure
  14. If it's at Bordon, it won't be an "All Arms" course. AFAIK the All Arms Storemans course is held at Blackdown, managed by RLC.

    The 1 week course would be the REME Tech Storemans course, which is usually completed after the All Arms Course.

  15. You weren't listening,they said boredom,which is a thing you'll suffer from if you become a storeman.No one will like you,stores are for storing,if they were for issuing they would be called issues.

    Although that is clearly what you may have anyway,I seem to recall all the storeman had boxes of issues hidden away just for themselves,things like dandruff,body odour,flaky skin,smelly feet etc. :wink: