All Arms Storemans Course

Discussion in 'REME' started by exmoor, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone done it & what do you learn?
    How long is it etc?
    Is it classroom led or more practical?
    Is it open to Civves in the MoD?
  2. I was all tipped to go as a young man, joining instructions were issued, warrant in hand, before I realised I was fit as a fiddle, keen as f*ck and was intent on carving out a worthy career that didnt include smoking furtively in dark containers, driving a DAF round camp and wearing my beret like a French Archer
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    So why did you then? :p
  4. I would have saved on the knees and back :D
  5. I did it 10 years ago and to be a storeman.

    1 week.

    Entirely classroom based, moving bits of paper from one tray to the next.

    No idea. Half my course may as well have been civvies, however.
  6. Urm, only did it 2 years ago but, 3 or 4 weeks at deepcut, then a week back at Bordon. The deepcut stage teaches you unicom and manual, from ammo to msa, and weapons to Equipment Tables. A lot of information to fit into a short period of time. Theen back to Bordon for a week of "technical training" STTE in short.

    Are you a technical Support Specialist or are you transfering and just doing the course?
  7. Rizzle - is that REME-specific Tech Stores course or the All-Arms one? Mut have changed a bit recently if it's the latter....
  8. Rizzle has got the Tech stores and All Arms course mixed up, but hes on the right lines.

    The all arms course is 4 weeks at deepcut learning how to issue stores, how to demand stores, how to issue ammo, how to backload ammo and all the other lovely things storemen ecounter in their bat caves.
    Its civvys who teach you, you may even get one who smiles and tell jokes, but i doubt it.

    I personally enjoyed my 4 weeks at deepcut, bars crap but it served beer so it does its job, and the end of course piss up just as good.
    Beware of the fat PT-shy lance jack RP who decided it was against H&S for us to go running in the morning because it was "a little dark", WAS F*CKING SUMMER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

    anyway, enjoy. :D
  9. OK - I think this is the moment when I realise for the first time that I am old and out of touch! :D

    Is there still a basic and an advanced course or is it all combined now? 1 week seemed to cover all the bases for what a private or lance jack was expected to do in a G10 store or an SQMS Dept...

    Nice to hear that some of the permanent staff haven't changed much though. An RLC WO2 went mental at us on the Monday morning for no reason whatsoever: 'I know you all think you're better than us etc etc!'. Hang on - if I was a super-duper combat soldier I wouldn't be here in the first place, would I? :wink:
  10. I believed its all combined now, i had various capbadges and SNCO's on my course, money saving maybe? :p

    I could be wrong, but even the guys here in the QM(T)'s went through deepcut (different capbadge)for 4 weeks, there was even a civvy clothing storeman at my last gaff who did the 4 weeks course =/
  11. Possible Civve doing it through MoD & got told it was for 1 week only?
    Duff info or just doing the "basic" of basic courses??
  12. Yes its one course, and yes civies and diffrent cap badges do it. Thus making you a storeman, for REME only is the title Technical Soreman because of what you learn about STTE. Now dont I fell special.
  13. Sorry for being a complete numpty but what is STTE?
  14. A pain in the c*nt.
  15. Special Tools and Test Equipment, Tools and test sets specific for vehicles for example you would have an STTE scale of items for the Challenger 2 comprises of tool specific for that vehicle, like a final drive spanner or filter remover etc, or a STTE scale for the AFV Warrior would include tools and kits for specific for that vehicle and so on, every vehicle will have its own STTE or a variation of an STTE to suit it.

    Fun, isnt it. :roll: