All Arms Still An Option?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by scooperman, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. I was just wondering, like in other trades, as an opmi would I be eligible to have a crack at the AACC, with full intention of serving with the Royal Marines, or do the booties have their own int section?
  2. Yes, you can do AACC and yes, they do have their own Int Branch.
  3. Thanks for the speedy reply, running shoes on in that case, mod's if you could kindly lock the thread.
  4. i think that answer might be misinterpreted. just to clarify for scooperman: OPMIs can serve with the booties with 3 Cde Bde Int Cell. you might want to PM eye_spy if you want more detailed info. he likes putting on dresses and stuff.
  5. He also likes to go naked to the heads as well Shippers. CR you owe me a new monitor!
  6. Getting on the AACC whikst in the corps may prove difficult. I know a number of people who have tried and been knocked back, not even being allowed to apply.
    Generaly you should have 3 Cdo, 16 AA, or SF on your posting prefernces to aid your chances. I know some will only consider sending you/letting you apply if you are actually posted to one of the above.
    Keep on badgering your chain of command though, you never know your luck.
  7. Thanks again for the answers guys, though I thought I should make it clear that i'm not serving (yet), but would like to apply with opmi as my first choice, with a view to serving with the marines for some period of time, however i think that i'll cross that bridge when i come to it, and focus on getting into the corps and passing basic first.
  8. ITS A FECKING INT SECTION :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Int Cells reside at BG level.

    Just becouse you are now a MOD, doesn't give you the right to change structures within the Armed Forces!!!!!!!

    Scooperman, please feel free to pm me if you want more info.

    Anyway, just off to Dorothy Perkins for a nice little polka dot off-the-shoulder number to wear to the finals of the naked roll mat fighting before I get called for clear lower decks! 8O

    Edited to add - And its 3 CDO Bde, not CDE.

    Rant over
  9. blimey, these trannies get really arsey when you mis-type their units :D
  10. Although I wore a green beret (albeit cypress) and was mistaken often for a Royal, especially at HMS Warrior, when I went down south in the chilly waters some 27 years ago, the 3Cdo Bde Int Sect consisted of an INT CORPS SNCO and two or three RM JNCOs. I was in an ad hoc Int Sect, made up entirely of Corps personnel to support MGRM Cdo Forces, which became the two star Headquarters.

    I don't know how much things have changed in the forthcoming years, although when I eventually left in the 90s, the situation was much the same. So unless the establishment has changed, it may take a while to go commando !

    PS: I hope I haven't forgotten my JSP 101 after all these years.
  11. God save us, don't say that sort of thing where CR might see it, the consequences would be awful and might precipitate a major international incident.
  12. It has changed a great deal now. It has a full Sect of 9 Int Corps personnel, 7 RM Int trained personnel and a RE Geo specialist.
  13. On the extra-curricular side they have an active book club and amateur theatrical group. There is always stiff competition in the auditions for the role of leading boy and pantomime Dame.

    They have close ties with a number of recognised Artisitic Institutions. Perhaps for a small consideration the RM Illustrators could be invited to help with the portraits of Intelligence Corps moderators past and present? I hear that Royal prefers the classic simplicity of Bill Blass

  14. I would pay to watch you say that sort of thing to a booties face, the outcome would be worth it.
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  15. Not sure why eye spy those tits remind me of your eyes!