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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone offer me any tips/ up to date info for this course??

    do you get a day off?

    do you still get CMCQ?

    Did people enjoy it?
  2. When I did mine you got I day off. The qualification supercedes cmcq. You are allowed to coach and act as a safety supervisor on a gallery range, as well as conduct wht's on LSW and rifle.
    Course is not hard physically but is mentally so you need to prep your lessons the night before and practice running through your teaching practices dry, and the si's have a nasty habit of stopping someone and getting another to take over where they left off. Any lack of preparation will show.
    You will be taken through each rifle lesson during the first week but will be thrown in a teaching practice every night. It pays to have an excellent knowledge of the weapon system so swot up on the a2 and lsw before you go as well as on lesson plans. Practice your explanation, demonstration, imitation, practice (EDIP) as it is more difficult than you think as people have a tendency to explain and demonstrate at the same time and again the SI's are sh*t hot on this.
    A good course and gets you out of being the ammo nco on range weekends.
  3. Am I right in thinking you can take all weapon WHT's as long as you have passed the relvent WHT for that weapon system??
  4. Does anyone have a link to this course?

    I used to have something for ITC Brecon but no more?

  5. The TA SAA qualification only allows to instruct and conduct WHT's on rifle/lsw. If you have passed the SAA and MG SF commanders course then I suspect you would be able to instruct on GPMG.
    If in doubt do not instruct on a weapon system you are not confident on.
  6. When I did it we were told that after being taught how to teach a Weapons lesson by the SASC and passing the course we could teach and test on ANY system that we A. Had the Pam for and B. had passed a WHT on.

    Otherwise the TA would never be able to instruct on other systems, eg SA80A2, GPMG, Minimi, 9mm Pistol, 51mm Mortar etc....
  7. If that is the case then why does the regular course cover these different weapon systems? They needn't bother if it was just a case of passing a WHT and reading the relevant pam!!
  8. All I have heard about this issue, is be "current and competent" on that weapon system to be able to instruct on it.
    So yes, according to what I have been told, on completion of this course, there is nothing to stop you from teaching other weapons systems.
    Of course the definitive answer will come from the SASC.
  9. Carlos is right... the course is about HOW to teach weapons lessons. If you've got the relevant WHT then you can teach and test.

    And you also get CMCQ... its either the SA(K) qualification or the other one (the name escapes me).

    The Regs do 8 weeks because:

    a) they can
    b) they need 8 weeks (standing by on that comment!)
    c) LFTT is also included.

  10. Anyone got dates for this years courses? And is it still 2 weeks?
  11. And to answer SSI's question...

    Yeah, bloody good course IMHO. Good staff who just want to turn out good instructors, no f*ck about factor involved.

  12. It is the SA (K) 90 qual, with the RMQ 1-3 being SA (B) 90, whereas the regulars go on to do SA (A) 90, which we can't do.
  13. 10th to 24th March, with 90 pax on the course and 160 reserves!
  14. Christ on a bike! Any more further on in the new financial year?
  15. I believe that it is one per year at IBS, hence the large amount of numbers on the one course, my training wing put in my course application last November!
    Although I have heard of ATRs putting on these courses, I believe (not too sure, please don't quote me on it!) that there was one at Bassingbourne last year and also one held at Grantham.