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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Antonio, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Did this Cse couple of years back, but have now been pinged to give a presentsation to the lads.

    Have lost all my notes and powerpoint presentations,

    Anyone got anything that could help me, especially any up to date stuff, i have no access to the Intranet etc

    Cheers for any help
  2. Phone the wing, sorry dont have the number on me. There are some DVDs rady made with all the info ready formated including tests etc.

    Also available from whtever the SSVC is called these days.
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I did this course with 4/73 a few years ago, instructors came from ILRRP's and they did state that they had DVD's or training material available to loan if required.

    If you wanted to make it from scratch nick a load of stuff off the walt websites for russian and nato kit (don't forget to include phot's of uparmoured T55's etc which look nothing like the 1955 Red Army and an awful lot like 1990 Friendly Forces.

    Concentrate on

    Road wheels, (all vehicles)
    added armour (Sov T62/90 etc)
    drivers splash plate (sov tanks)
    Drivers position (NATO)
    spare fuel drums (Sov tanks)
    MG positions (sov tanks)
    rear doors (BMP series)
    weapons (BMP again, 30mm, 70mm, 100mm + coax IIRC)
    Bridge carrying gear
    ARtillery, trails, road wheels etc


    focus on types of vehicle that indicate partucular units, e.g. Russian airborne cas wagons and anything else airdroppable. NBC detectors which indicate HQ units etc

    Frankly, since so much of this is pointing at a big general war I wonder what half the purpose is these days (except for the yanks so they can tell the difference between CVRT and BMP grrrrrr). Probably you don't want a debate on that though....

    Also, don't forget bino's for the class so they can get a feel for looking at projected pictures via bino. Moving DVD stuff is of course harder to find but spices up a presentation.

    thats all I can recall now.
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    fixed and rotor wing too.
  5. PM me your details and will send CD and teaching notes - or call 94322 5512
  6. That presentation was written in 2003.


    It has BMP 3 and WARRIOR, but not AS90 or MLRS.

    I suppose it helps explain why the Spams can't seem to get the hang of AFV recognition ......
  7. Spams are chucking money at recognition training now - they still have a long way to go, but hey, they got to the moon so anything is possible

    If you can get hold of the teaching notes offered by engee then that would be gleaming. Also a copy of Jane's. There are 87 on the total list to be an Advanced Instructor, but only 40 on the basic list and 22 on the Intermediate.

    I have difficulty between the 2S3 and M109, and still need more work on my RWA. But it's coming. Any recommended way to revise? I'm just going through all the slides randomly and testing myself. If I get it wrong I try to work out how I should have IDed it...

    Sad sad sad...
  9. Surprised you're struggling with the 2S3 and M109 - running gear for a start - 2S3 return rollers and different wheel spacing always a good place to look. M109 slack track and evenly-spaced wheels

    The differences in the guns should be easy to work out - look at the recuperators on the 2S3. Fume extractors differ quite a lot as well - M109's is bigger.

    OK - that's my sad moment of the day
  10. The levels for ITD 5 were: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Specialist. The vehicles in these lists, less Basic, depends on what Regt/Corps you're in. ITD 5 is still to be used until the new policy is finalised, on or around 01 April 2007. If anyone needs any help with Recognition get in touch with the All Arms Recognition Cell - mil 94322 5512 - civ 01980 84 5512. The teaching discs available from there only cover the basic list, but it does have a lesson template to prepare lessons from other lists.
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    If you need to report on artillery seen, you are either too far behind the battle or too far ahead...