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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by _Dirk_Diggler_, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have any idea of how long after joining your regiment you can apply to do the All Arms PTI course?
  2. Once you're able to touch all four corners of the gym with your beautiful bronzed like body - GO!
  3. Depends on your knowledge of hair gel and self tanning products together with experience of exercising in nude in front of mirrors is.

    Get some time in you slacker!
  4. Well I've done extensive research on hair gel and am currently trying out a couple of bronzers so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  5. Cool, and if you can dance like a gay and eat faggoty health food you're in!

    PTI is not a propr trade for a man, but only for lesbians...

  6. well said that man
  7. most importantly you must not be able to drink for toffee.

    only healthy shakes are allowed.
  8. PTI's are usually quite boring people. Who do phys and eat healthy all the time.

    I concider them my worst enemy.
  9. Passed your PFT yet?
  10. I had to go back and read the thread from the start again; I thought I must have missed something! WHY??? What on earth possess you to want to be a gym queen! Clearly you need more time to make a decision like that. Think of all the VDT you will miss being stood in front of a mirror! :?
  11. Nightrained id keep quiet if i was you!
    Passed the BASIC fitness test yet?????.
    If not are you on your way to the bedding store
  12. Nightrained is making a VAST improved and is doing 2-3 phys sessions a day. NT, has also been told he'll soon be off remedials as he'll soon be passing his PFT.
  13. then he will lapse back into his old routine & be fecked the next time it comes around.
  14. I can think of better things to do fellar.
  15. Just saw this, so had to join. Why the negativity against PTI's ? Do I detect a bit of jealousy, form a couple of individuals that do not have the ability or the balls to physically lead from the front ?