All Arms Physical Training Instructors Course

I'm not too sure if I've placed this into the correct sub forum but here I go anyway.

I've looked everywhere for info on the PTI Course but all I seem to find is T.A course information, can anyone on here tell me any information about what the course consists of and how long the course is, what is the average standard of fitness for the course and the pass rate. Cheers for the help in advance :thumright:
On the RAPTC Army Web pages there is a good guide to the course.


DII, there's loads of stuff on there, or speak to the guys that work in your gym
All Arms Physical Training Instructor course is currently 10 weeks long, conducted at ASPT Aldershot & Sennelager. Potential students must pass PFA under 0930 , p/ups 50+, sit-ups 60 +, AFT 25kg, swim test one month before attending, they must also repeat these tests in week 1 to stay on course. They also complete DIT cse, anatomy physiology, PT theory and combat PT element. They must also take between 3-5 instructional practices that they must pass. ACFT 1 and all RMT's. Pass rate is generally good, better here in Germany for some reason.
Ask your training wing for the DIN! Or get the operator to put you through to ASPT Aldershot & ask for the courses clerk to send you the are serving aren't you?

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