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I am an Air Trooper, and very nearly finished Phase 2. I came back from Arnhem after taking part in the most recent memorial ceremonies for the Glider Pilot Regiment. I have long been eager to take and pass All Arms, but after this trip, it made me want to earn the right to wear Airborne wings even more!! The trip also kicked a lot of pride into me, not only for the Air Corps, but also for the history evolving the Air Corps and the Airborne forces! I've been doing my own little beat-up, weighted marches (45lbs - 8miles 1hour 30min) and longish runs (approx 8 - 9miles, gradually increasing!) Has anyone please got some really good advice on how i need to train before I get on a Pre para course?? Thanks a lot.
Thanks a lot for that mate. I'm just trying to get all the best advice I can then take all the best bits and go for it 100%!! So was your brother going Para Reg or was it the all arms course? Thanks again
Wow, 3rd time lucky!! Some would argue anythings worth it for the wings though! What cap badge are you?
you could save yourself the drive to catterick and just hammer 6'' nails into your kneecaps. Will give the same effect as P Coy.
wanaBairborneATPR said:
Wow, 3rd time lucky!! Some would argue anythings worth it for the wings though! What cap badge are you?
you apear to have the right attitude,just go for itand good luck to you mate :wink:
If you're tabbing 8 miles with 45Ibs in an hour and half; and it's over arduous terrian, compiled with long runs of 8 to 9 miles, well, you're pretty much there mate. Great big dose of motivation and you'll no doubt pass, with the bit of luck avoiding injury we all need. If you're motivated - and I mean ******* motivated, I wouldn't worry too much about yer boots. Issued boots are more than good enough. Isn't that what you're tabbing in now? I'd expect it is - so just stick with them. And good luck. It's a piece of piss really - well, it was for me in depot Para, as I'd been built up to it. The only lads in my platoon that failed were the ones who put themselves under SIPS. (That's Self Induced Pressure System).

**** that. :D
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