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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ieatworms, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody know if there is such a thing as a TA All Arms P Coy course and jumps course?
  2. There should be as there are TA Para Sigs/Engr/Med that I have seen knocking about.
  3. Yes. Used to be a couple of weekends over test week: basically you just turned up at the end of the normal recruits training and blister onto their tests.

    Jumps course is the same for everyone: regs to 4 weeks, TA do a 2 week course, only difference being that the final jump is done back at unit and not at Brize.

    I think.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Here we go again...

    Try the search facility - it is great!

    Failing that, try...

    TA P Coy is all 4 Para plus all arms. You will not get on a wings course unless you are serving in a para roled unit.

  5. failing that mate just sew your wings on your uniform and bluff your case ive see a few blokes do that
  6. Rumble them by seeing if they can answer some obvious and not to obvious questions that those who have earned their wings ought to know and when they fail miserably to answer correctly, OUT THEM on this site!
  7. Why are there so many people about obsessed with doing P-coy - AACC? Why dont they just join the Paras or marines if thats what they want, Me thinks its more of a case of they just fancy having a different beret and badges to everyone else in their unit so they can try and lord it up a bit, cnuts.
  8. Huh. Is it wrong that I'm so annoyed over the typo? Utrinque Paratus, apart from a grammer test.

    It's probably just me *sigh*.
  9. Is it just me blah, blah
  10. Right. Glad you took the time out for that. Don't let me interupt whatever it is you usually get upto. Bye bye now.
  11. Dont be such a kn0bber!! Para Regt, RM needs supporting arms as part of their battlegroups. If you were looking for a bite you got one!!
  12. I'm LI and I may have to deploy with 4 PARA in 18 months.

    I'd like to do P Coy before I go just so I can say 'It's not THAT hard!' and remind them that the LI were the first airborne troops anyway....

    It's all about making friends, you know!

  13. Airbourne troops is that the same thing as Airborne troops
  14. AAR check you PM's mate

    Hope to see you then for it :). There should be a chance for the non-AB guys to have a crack a P Coy while mobilised and attached to 4 Para as the guys with Casino company (Telic 7) were (although only 1 guy out of the 10-15 that volunteered for it passed iirc).