All Arms P Coy beat up

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by adie1182, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Anyone done the above, run centrally by 16AA? Looking at doing it later this year, got dates just wondered what it consists of.
  2. A thrashing over 3 weeks by the Bde PT Staff, includes the screening for P Coy. The problem, (in my opinion) is that all those who go through it are already on the way to injury before the start of P Coy itself, and are thus more liable to pick up injury.

    Just a thought.
  3. Just had a couple of my young lads do it prior to P coy and they said it was very benefitial and passed both with no problem. Finished the beat up on the Thursday and straight up for P coy itself after the weekend. We have a lot of pre beat up programmes set up by some of our REME PARA trained PTI's prior to this who can see if they think there ready beforehand. Get as much prep before you attempt it as you can.
  4. Cheers, so is it just a case of 2 phys sessions a day or is there some other stuff thrown in as well?
  5. will chat to my lads next week who have just done it, but they were away for the duration of the beat up then p coy so believe it was all day preparation rather than just two sessions. PM me with mil contact no if you want and Ill speak to my lads next week. What Regt are you with :?
  6. Thanks, appreciate that.
    I'm with Rifles.
    Understand that I'll obviously have to be away for duration of 3 weeks, just wondered how the programme is structured and if its solely for prepping physically. Anything you can get off your lads would be a help, cheers iron