All arms p company AAPPS

Anyone recently undertaken AAPPS , I’m hopefully going into the may course and any first hand advice from people who’ve done it recently on training ect would be a massive help!
Hello just came across this thread, hope the course went well and was wondering how you managed to get a spot on it. Also any advice now that you've been through it?
Hi mate I did the screening and made the standards however I did not get a place on pcoy. It’s very competitive to get on if you aren’t posted to 16 brigade but can still be done. If you make the standard are at another unit and they have spaces then you’ll get a place. The tests before you go onto pre Para itself are 8 mile aft in 1 hr 55 with 16kg a 1.5 mile run in the afternoon under 9:45 and then the next day you do a 2 miler where they want under 19 mins for pre Para. But aim for under 18 as this is the one that let me down most. Training wise follow a structured program your unit ptis should be able to guide you with this. With regards to getting on it I just raised it to the higher ups filled in the relevant paper work and managed to get a spot on the screening. Most 16 brigade units now will screen everyone before pre Para then you’ll get screened again after pre para before you go up to catterick. Hope that helps

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