Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by black_hand, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. hi all
    on my AASAA course in jul aug.
    would be most grateful if anyone could give me any tips on what to take.
    or if you have then any electronic forms which i might be able to use.

  2. What location??
  3. Prep well...

    Not knowing the wpn systems makes it a lot harder when your trying to revise in one night your 2 lessons for the next day.

    I did my AASAA at TAG(G) and if i was to be honest i wish i had prep'd more before i went on it.

    Take a laptop if you have one for your RASP's and EASP's. All our lesson plans had to be hand written.

    Most of all when your still up at midnight and you aint got the lesson in your head yet..........

    Just bingo it ........
  4. im on the course at ATR(B)

    thanks for the comments about prep, i've already asked one of the qualified guys that i work with to take me through all the weapon systems.

    unfortunately i dont have a laptop, so will have to struggle. hoping that the wrvs might have facilitys to use.

    thanks for the input guys.
  5. Don't worry too much, I did mine in Brecon and it was hard. Didnt really prep apart from doing WHT's. Its quite hard to prep to be honest because the instructors teach the lessons and you have to remember all the positions tey adopted etc. As an earlier post sad expect early mornings and late nights cramming. I've got a lo of electonic stuff, PM me if your interested and i'll email it to ya. See if our local ducation dept will loan you one for the course, if they do buy a memoy key and store everything on thereand you can take it anywhere with you when you pass.

    Charecterisics of A2 and GPMG will help as well. If our not great on GPMG see if you can get someone to show you further stoppages on it. :D
  6. Its long and boring and one thing you will learn is that the SASC are jobsworth, straight bloke, *********!
    You wouldnt buy any of them a pint down town more likely issue them with a swift headbutt!
  7. I disagree, yeah they're all pamphlet heads, but that's their job, they want you to teach correctly in the same way an Infanteer will want you to shoot properly, I found them to be chilled, relaxed, blokes more than willing to give you a hand prep'in your lessons.

    The key is: Monkey see, monkey do. The instructors teach all the lessons before you have to, just mimic them exactly and you can't fail, and don't forget to quote word for word the red writing in the pams.
  8. thanks for all the feed back guys
    already looking forward to the early starts and late nights
    got one of the qualified guys taking me through gpmg shortley
  9. I did some pre course training with qualified personnel at my unit before heading down to Brecon only useful bit was more hands on with the weapons, get the drills sorted and you will find it much easier when trying to remember all the other piss like masking your movement round the classroom and shite like that, the SASC love that sort of stuff. I took a digital dictaphone with me, recorded all the lessons we were taught then when allocated a TP a listened to it as I wrote my lesson plan. It helped quite a bit. I just copied the SASC bloke and you can't go wrong!!!
  10. If anyone can PM me with handy hints etc for this course, I'd be grateful....
  11. I did the course 6 years ago at ITC wales, tips are know the pams and mark up the pages. this saves valuable time in searching for stuff.

    i know this may sound daft but know the markmanship principles word for word, i was amazed how many could not recite it.

    If you get in to a cluster during your TP do not panic, take a deep breath and regroup.

    DO NOT DS WATCH - they hate it. one lad on my course he was always DS watching, last I heard he has since failed the course 3 times.

    Good luck