All Arms Junior Leaders Regimrnt Tonfanau

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by little-dube, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Anybody out there remember this place in North Wales? Morfa flats and AOBS Towyn? Were you there in 1963? Answers on the back of your pension book or will.
  2. I was there in 1959, running round N.Wales in WW1 uniforms,dreadful place.

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  3. If you google it you should find the "old boys" website, my brother had the pleasure of attending.
  4. I was a bit later than you 1963, but I agree it was an awful place. By the way with your tag could I presume you are an ex 11th Hussar from the land of scouse. If so , so am I.