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Discussion in 'RLC' started by track_rash, May 28, 2010.

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  1. I have been looking into the new all arms IEDD post, whilst I am not eligible for it at the moment (due to rank) I am interested in doing in hopefully in the next couple of years. I was wondering if there is any way to learn any of the basic knowledge prior to doing this as I understand it to be very hard to pass. Any SME's got any tips?
  2. Dont bother with any pre-course. You will do 2 weeks with RE and then if suitable, be given course dates for training.
  3. Practice cutting the red wire.
  4. Blue wire ......i think

    edited due to wrong wire .....possibly
  5. This is very important. Listen to your instructors and learn well. Take the opportunity to practice all you can. Neither the RE nor the RLC parts have any padding to them. Oh and one other thing, NEVER do a manual approach unless absolutely necessary. Good luck.
  6. My mistake. No harm done either way.
  7. Make yourself a suit out of mattresses, add a motorcycle helmet and a couple of bags of heavy kit and just keep walking up and down the road. Smoke a few roll-ups during rest periods (which you are to refer to as soak times)
  8. Now that the dust has settled on this thread, does anyone have any feedback on the course. Whether good points or bad.

    My interest is that I will be on the Aptitude soon, and although this will be the insight into the course etc, I do not want to take the decision likely, and as most people are aware there are some ridiculous rumours doing the rounds.

    And yes, I have followed this thread through all the search engines etc, just looking for fresh info.

    Please PM, if opsec is an issue
  9. OPSEC is an issue therefore things cannot be mentioned on this forum. Nor can we PM someone when we don't know who you are, clumpet.

    I suspect that there are a number of people who think the All Arms IEDD course is open to all. This is not the case, you have to be a SNCO or Officer and hold the JSIEDD qualification (unless they've lowered the bar even further).

    I also suspect that some people need to **** off and do a little thinking, this is not one of those things you can pass by drowning these forum with questions on how to pass the course.
  10. As i have previously said, have a good mate of mine on it now. Spoke to him on the weekend and he said its a good course but in his own words "not much blowing stuff up"! You cover all sorts like CMD etc. He has just had a load of instruction off the RAF side of life, bless em! You get tested a fair bit and the tests are not exactly a walk in the park.
    Not knowing when your going on the aptitude bit, see if you can put in for the Explosive Safety Officer Course run at Gib Barracks. I did it last year and its one of the best ive done, and you "blow loads of stuff up"!! I think the only pre-requisite is the RMQ qual.

    Edited to add after Dingerr posted first. Go by what he said, if anyone on this forum knows about the consequences of IED stuff then he does. Although my post mentions blowing stuff up, there is a serious side to all this and be sure to know what your getting yourself into.
  11. Dingerr, the Def EOD Op course is split into three phases, phase one roughly equates to explosives handing, phase two is CMD and phsse three is the IEDD (JSIEDD) phase.
  12. Cheers for that, whats the dit with high threat? And is the Def Eod course open to all, or is there criteria? Keeping completely in the know is quite difficult when detached from the AT world.

    Judging by the start of this thread we are going to see an influx of big timing *****.
  13. Dingerr,

    I'll drop you a PM when I get a chance on the state of the D EOD Course. You won't believe it!

  14. Not really sure if this is an attempt to get me to bite or not? My honest advice would be to give it 18 months to bed in. The problem is that there are about 3 versions of what this course qualifies you to do.

    I have one person on it at the moment and from what I have heard I have some very serious concerns. I have even gone against all my ethics and even used the chain of command. In principle it's not as bad an idea as it sounds but in practice needs a lot more work. Problem is that DEMSS South are teaching from one set of publications, whilst ATs/DEMSS North use AERs or MTPs or whatever the F+++ they are called nowadays.

    Some people have barking ideas. If you FAIL!!!! the course you can still deploy. MENTAL.

    Honestly if you can wait then please do. I'm sure this can be fixed but it will take time.

    Heard a rumour that CO JFIED hd started to agree with us! Just a rumour though.

    Dingerr PM on it's way mate.
  15. This scheme is a bad idea, badly concieved and being badly implemented.

    I view this very much like an oyster views grains of sand - most volunteers will be an irritation but one in a thousand will develop into a pearl.