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Discussion in 'RLC' started by keeplowmovefast, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. Apparently there's a signal knocking about that says any stripy from any ole' arm or service can apply to become a IEDD Operator. How true is this? What's it all about?
  2. If it is true, it is just a sign that there is a need for more to commence training and the pool of potential applicants has been widened.

    Is it equally true that you hope to sell a story to a newspaper and are pretty stupid to boot?
  3. yes. it is true. pm for details.
  4. About the job or the journo? :)
  5. Another great achievement for the RLC.

    But on the plus side it will free up more people to look after big rubber wheel issues
  6. Good luck boys and girls. I think you're mental if you go for it, but you're all more than welcome.
  7. The first selection course proper starts next week.
  8. Its my second chance! Failed the real course in 93. Will they take me on VENG?
  9. Stand by for idiots one and all to turn up.
  10. I'd like to think as its aimed at SNCO's and WO's the idiots are long filtered out by now. My mate has applied for it so good luck to him.
  11. Has your mate done anything like this before? This course is a quick fix. It allows you to do certain jobs on HERRICK! On avareage it takes 6 years to become a HT operator and some loon has dedcided that they can do it in 13 ish weeks. It's a badly thought and even poorly designed course being taught the wrong way round and by the wrong people.

    And if this upsets people then i'll stand in anyones intray. Most people know who I am so it's not hard to find me.
  12. It's a long awaited step.
  13. Totally agree TWU.

    That's exactly why I left - If our masters are willing to send people 'Over the Top' with such ease, I want no part in it. I thought we left that mindset behind following WWI! :evil:
    I am also positive that Coroners' are going to have something to say about it when the first DEOD Operator death occurs conducting EOD. In addition; if the high court uphold the MoD appeal that soldiers are entitled to human rights on the battlefield then DRLC and The Competent Army Authority and Inspector (CAA&I) may well have a lot to answer for.
  14. I know f*ck all about EOD/IED so am ready for some incoming, however,

    Surely if we can come up with a system that enables us to take Cpl’s from any part of the army and teach them to fly helicopters with complex systems on them (Apache for instance). Letting them progress as they gain experience.

    Is it not beyond the realms of possibility that we can come up with a system to identify, train and allow an experience based progression from the huge pool of talent that exists in the All Arms environment.

    The fact that there is a shortage seems clear, the army therefore needs to find a solution, it seems to work for helicopter pilots.

    I understand that the job is not just about attending a course, sitting a matrix test and cracking on, however, maybe there is a progression for people who just want to concentrate on specific areas whilst being guided by the career ATO’s

    Or am I completely and utterly barking up the wrong tree :D