All Arms Drill Course

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Mick_Piper, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone ever been on this?

    I've herd bits about it like, but from people who haven't been before.

    Has anyone been on the course? and could tell me about it?


  2. TA Course, and theres a stack of other threads on here about it detailing the ins and outs of it. You need to be an SI or SSI over the age of 25 to do it.

  3. I take it that Officers can do it?
  4. Only if they've already completed the All Legs course first.
  5. Yeah well done!
  6. No, they can't.

    Its a course for SNCO's or soon-to-be-promoted corporals of the TA, and ACF SI's or SSI's can attend if there are spaces. SMI's may attend, but need to drop to SI or SSI for the duration of the course. Also, candidates must be over 25.

    Thats off the top of my head, im sure Officers can't do it, but ask your Training Major.
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  8. Ignore the unhelpful jibes - some people are udderly contemptible.
  9. The problem is that the SSI is not bothered in doing the course and there are only officers in the unit. So how do we rectify the situation? Demote myself (or another) to go on the course?
  10. Yer it's sad isn't it that people sit there and pick out little quotes like that. I wasn't aware that you have to have a A Level in English to post on this forum.

    Chippy B*stard.
  11. Ive done this course a few years back before they moved the cse up north... it isnt that bad yes you do march with your head in a bush!! and it is all bull shit but you do learn alot, but make sure you know your shit or you will be mince meat...

    I was told you had to be SSI or below and not over 35 and medically fit... We did our cse with a mixture of TA and ACF adults, which is a mare when our rifle drill is slightly diffrent to the regs....

    Oh and dont forget your fancy dress outfits!!! you will need them... trust me...

    Personally i hated the two weeks but im the only bint in my county that holds this Cse, which pisses of you lads!!! And thats always a winner :D
  12. Good morning, does anyone know where I can get a course outline for this course I am designing one for my force. If you don't have it can you put me on to someone that can help me?
  13. Try the army school of ceremonial, in Catterick. Although I'd hope you had at least attended the drill cse to be able to pads on the skills and drills.
  14. Frimley Park perchance ?
  15. No I am in Jamaica