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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RogerM, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi all and greetings from Malta G.C.
    I'm a Staff Sergeant in the Armed Forces of Malta G.C. I've been in the Maltese Army for the past eighteen years and my job is, believe it or not ,(I know the British Army doesn't do this; appoint Staff Sergeant's as RSMs that is) but I am and have been for the past four years the Air Wing Sergeant Major.
    I am also an operational Helicopter Rescue Swimmer (Jack of all Trades LOL). Also listed on my CV (Me heads getting bigger so I'm going to have to stop soon) an active Drill Instructor.
    I was trained here in Malta G.C but I'm being sent to Catterick in May for an AAADI course. Appart from all the expected pranks and obvious stigmas deriving from the fact that I'm from Malta, anyone out there got some advice, info you could share. Would be much appreciated.
    Regards from Malta (The George Cross Island)

    That's that little, sun soaked beautiful island in the center of the Med, just off Sicily. You know which one, the island that was bombed to shits during the Second World War by the Axis Forces and was awarded the George Cross for gallantry and which is still displayed proudly on it's national flag 8O .
  2. Take a massive sense of humour mate.
  3. A couple of my mates just completed the last course and said 'It's the worst course they have ever attended in their career's' and they meant poorly run and basically shite.
  4. Yea it is a bone course. The only thing to make life easier is learn the words as per the joining instrs, ie "taking you a stage further" etc.

    Its 6 weeks, and no fun anymore since moving to Catterick. Just dont expect to much, and be ready to be put on show parade and room inspections every day like your in phase 1 training again!! Really useful for learning drill, not!
  5. Thanks guys for your info. One more question though: About room inspections. Here in Malta we don't have the stuff about bed inspections and all that (We don't live in our barracks you see). What exactly is a bed block? Anyone?

  6. Hey guys, anybody done this course at Catterick?
  7. Assuming this isn't a wah..

    You need the following equipment
    4 blankets army hairy scratchy
    2 sheets bed white (with stains) starched
    1 counterpane violent colour
    1 army bed minus 33% of springs.

    Now you have to build the bed block. It is basically a blanket/sheet sandwich held in place by the 3rd blanket.

    Hard to explain if you have never seen one and I have just spent 10 mins typing it up to try but it was cack..

    Anyone got a picture?

    Edited - 4 blankets not 3.. It goes blanket sheet blanket sheet blanket. All held nice and tightly together by the 4th one wrapped around the outside.
  8. Roger,
    Do you recruit non Maltese nationals? If you say yes you know what my next question will be don't you................................................. :D
  9. '...blanket sheet blanket sheet blanket. All held nice and tightly together by the 4th one wrapped around the outside.'

    Show parades, Room inspections, bollockings galore...

    Oh, I can see I'm going to have the friggin' time of my life on this course!

    As for TheBigun's question believe me I don't blame you for asking cause you probably know we're so damn laid back here (which we are I do admit).

    Yep, we work from Seven in the morning till One in the afternoon in Summer then from Seven in the morning till Four in the afternoon in Winter (not that anyone over here ever does anything in the afternoons during winter, the lazy shites).

    Bed blocks and room inspections? Not us, mate, we're Maltese for fcuk sake!

  10. Top tip, don't forget to take with a very large overdraft for your port finding's. Mobile phone for those mess antics that will happen, even if is 2 dress ties around your socks.. Always good for the marriage album... Last person i know went on came back a grand and a half in debt!! good luck!
  11. My Granparents live in Mostar in Malta.
  12. funeral day!!! brilliant
  13. Hey Lewis I live near Mosta (trash the R). Great place. There's a church there, a famous one. During the Second World War, the Germans dropped a bomb through the dome during mass. It landed at the foot of the alter and did not explode. A lot of people believe that it was a miracle. They still display the bomb on Sundays.

    R173: Thanks for the tip. As for the grand and a half in debt that won't happen to me mate. The wife would have my balls (scuse the French) on a silver plate if I returned to Malta with that amount of debt and believe me YOU DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH A MALTESE GIRL. THEY ARE WORSE THAN THE SICILIANS. (Shite she heard me....)

    Ripley: Nice picture of that soldier on the ground. That's gonna be me during the upcoming Drill course.
  14. go there with the attitude that you will be beasted with possible throwing up!!!
    Malta's a great place, i have actual maltese family, not expats.. been loads of time's when younger haven't been recently, St thomas bay before it got touristy. Is popeye village still there?
  15. Yeah, I heard. Ah, the curse of the beasting! I shall try and rise up to the occasion (or should that read Throw up at the occasion? LOL).

    As for Popeye Village yeah it's still there alright. It's been turned into a kid's fun complex but would you believe it I haven't been there. I've got two young boys of my own and I still haven't taken them. I'll make it a point after the course.