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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by commander, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. Am I right in thinking that the above is open now to ACF? if so has anyone actually done the course?
  2. Open to ACF from the rank of SI and SSI, but age 25 is the minimum I believe, to stop sproggy new SI's from attending.

    Try your Brigade RTC.
  3. Thanks for that info
  4. I did the course in 2006. There were ACF/CCF bods on it then. Don't think the All Arms Drill Wing set a lower/upper age limit - but doesn't mean parent units don't.
  5. How did you find the course? how much was total bullshit (if any).
  6. Course was hard, but good. No more bullshit than is to be expected in a Guards Depot. Top tip - have both pairs of boots bulled before you get there!
  7. Thanks for replies, just been told that as ACF I will not now be able to attend due to the lack of a Fit to Train chit. The course apprentely is run now at catterick and recently ACF/CCF turned up but as they did not have this chit which regulars and TA have they were ALL sent home. Any ideas anyone, and yes I know I can find all this out from HQ but as its holidays that could be a long time.

  8. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Its a f#cking drill course!
  9. Did mine in 1982 during the Falklands War, an interesting time to be at the Guards Depot. It was hard work, especially as we were obliged to play very hard in the Sgts mess. I managed to scrape a pass.

    Depot RSM was charismatic in the extreme. I was terrified of him. Had the good fortune to work for the man after he was commissioned. One of the best trainers and facilitator of training I have ever known. I learned a lot.
  10. According to legend; students on the course should try and avoid the duty of being the deceased in the funeral drill. And apparently as has been alluded to here the drinking in the Sgts Mess is something else.
  11. no mate you should avoid being the "greiving widow" the coffins were full of sand bags in 2002 doubt the drinking is the same now the Drill Wing has moved to catterick bet they havent even got there own mess up there
  12. The coffin was about 18 stone and long enough to get four bearers on each side. Large bits of metal (bits of 432 track?) were used to simulate the weight of the deceased, not one of the students. Sizing of bearers was vitally important.

    Came in handy when a Cpl from my coy was killed in a RTA in 1984.
  13. It's a good story though:) All the SNCOs I know who did it thoroughly enjoyed it.
  14. Yes I know it is but was trying to find SENSIBLE answers to what it is like now compared to years ago, things do change.
  15. hello all ,im a csm within te acf i did the short crse in 06 ,so its open to acf no age limit tho, just the discrection of CEO/adjudent in our world decides if your up to it ,great crse refreshes the spirit :)