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Are you still at 35?
Came back from 35 in July to do the DTCA Chatham, now awaiting trade training and thinking of going 23. Trying to see if it's going to be plausible to fit P-Company in before my course starts.


Get into see your Sqn 2IC asp and give him/her your intent.
As far as I know the next one starts in september so too late for that. It's all run by brigade now.
Dates are on the intranet, must be someone you trust.

If I was your Badge/Staffy I would take it personally you hadn't asked me, but then when I served I asked everyone with tow legs if they had considered SD!

Better to try and fail than fail to try, never ever get to 70 and think I wonder if I could have done that?

I tired P coy three times, never passed! Cdo cse twice never passed offically, SAS selection three times, If you are a stubborn git and it is what you wnat go for it, good luck, be happy and rememer no matter how much the bastards scream and shout it aint personal

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