Discussion in 'Infantry' started by stan_t_man, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Guys,

    I ve been given a heads up that I might be on the AACC towards the middle of next year. I d really appreciate any hints, tips or advice from you on what I need to concentrate on in terms of physical fitness and what areas of military skills are worthwhile reinforcing.

    Failing that any reliable information about the course is welcome as I only have whats in the DIN and local rumour on the Sqn.

    Thanks, in advance

  2. Get yourself a couple of Roll Mats from E Bay, Couple of sets of your Mam's 70's walking out rig and this book and you will be up for a distinction! :wink:

    wouldnt let me upload Boy Scouts "Pack and Den Initiation ceromonies" :cry:
  3. Good one! I guess I asked for that. Any tips not involving naked fighting/initiation ceremonies, are most welcome.


  4. Make sure you can drink pints of your own p1ss
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  7. make sure you pack plenty of frillies
  8. AACC.
    3 elements to work on:
    Long distance running
    Upper body strength
    Field skills and soldiering
    Of the 3 tests 4 are 6+ mile runs. You need to have a really good 'plod' ability. Be able to cover the gound wearing boots and kit. To prepare for this one long slow run per week. At least 6 miles, aim for 7.5 - 8 minute miles. Don't worry about wearing boots, ensure they are well worn in but don't get any impact injuries through too many long runs. One or two should do it. Other than that 2-3 mile fast pace runs and fartlek etc... for another couple of sessions will give you a good CV base to build on during the course.
    There is no substitue for upper body power on the bottom field tests. Rope climbing technique, wall climbing tips, regain hints are all great. However these tests are there to ensure you have the raw strength to move your body around an infantry battlefield. All the PT you need is proportional strength. Use your own bodyweight to train. Pull ups, sit ups and press ups. Old style ecercises for an old style course. At least 10 pull ups (Overarm grip no thumbs round the bar) 60 good press ups at all out maximum.
    In my view (I was an instructor at CTC) the key to passing the course is to be able to administer yourself effectively in the field so that your body is in a sufficiently good state to benefit from the in course PT. TO do this you must look after yourself in the field, eat everything in the ration packs, get sleep where you can and work hard to make your self comfortable and look after your blisters.

    In the round there is a genuine pass ethos at CTC. The course is progressive and as long as you turn up with a good base level of fitness and engage with the field skills instruction you will be away.

    Per mare, per terram.
  9. Why don't you just wait awhile, then join the LI?