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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by PANGEA, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Can paras do it? Marines can do the jumps course, so can it work the other way round
  2. Sounds like a mong question WAH but;

    a) yes, Paras can do the AACC, you have to complete it to serve in 3 Commando brigade

    b) yes, RM can do the para course
  3. Hardley deserving of such a mong answer.

    You can serve in 3 CDO sans AACC, par example 1 Rifles... pretty much all of them.

    RM do parachute training, but I've yet to meet one who's done P Coy.

    To the OP what would a Para (I assume Regt) get out of the AACC?
  4. The Woodbury Common Rash?
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  5. A pay increase?
  6. exfoliated skin from the lovely scenery and the rich smells of the estuary mud-flats...
  7. No you don't, I have served twice in my career so far and the only All Arms course I have done is in Dangerous Air Cargo.
  8. Ooops correct you are, what I meant to detail was you have to complete it to serve on attachment :)
  9. Well aside froma bit of extra PT, i reckon the amphibious training and cliff assaults would be pretty significant.
  10. As well as shagging your ******* whoring mother, whilst the lads stand around and egg them on waiting their turn
  11. Well do they do cliff assaults or amphibious training then?

    (this course run by the royal marines)
  12. The All Arms Storemans Course at Bordon/Pirbright for 5 weeks & The TA Version for 2 weeks at Bordon.
    Both fine courses and only the best get on them!;-)
  13. Well there are those that failed Commando training who then went on to pass P Coy with flying colours. :)

    Which is why God is Airborne!
  14. Or alternatively P Coy is a piece of piss.......