All Arms Commando Course

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dinky123uk, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone completed the new course all together 9 weeks just wondering how ninja it is have put in for it. Also were best to do a beat-up for it, currently not working with a unit so having to smash my own phys.

  2. Think 29 cdo ra do a beat up course for the AACC. The lads down there will give you the low down on the course. Enjoy ! :twisted:
  3. Pay particular attention to the most important of commando challenges, naked rollmat is a pass or fail element of the course.......
  4. ...59 Indep Cdo Sqn 24 Cdo Regt a very thorough ,professional pre-cdo course.

    ...put it this way, if you pass the 59 'beat-up', you will quite comfortably pass AACC, barring injury...
  5. Agreed,from what I hear.Unfortunately I had to do mine with 29 at The Citadel.At that time the Gunners salivated on seeing a large group of Sappers for the beat up!!!

  6. You'd know how exactly have you done the AACC? Or just gobbing off? :roll:
    Naked Roll mat fighting is the sole preserve of Royal, even Green Lidded pongoes daren't have a go. :D
  7. You better be smashing some phys :twisted: .

    Try 24 cdo engineers, a very good beat-up indeed. The 29 artillery lads will just beast you silly, but then again maybe thats why you applied? :omfg:
  8. I'd opt for the Engineers beat-up. Unless things have changed, 29 always had a poor pass rate. I Could never see how they justified running a 6 week beat-up at Okehampton and then only sending 12 or so on the course, and then those that did get to Lympstone were knackered from the fragging they'd had by their own so called training team.

    A good level of stamina, determination, excellent Admin and a sense of humour is the key to the AACC. You don't need to be superman, you just have to want to pass the course.
  9. I dont think 29 have ever been short of blokes, so they don't want too many bods passing the course, is my guess.
  10. Like I said, unless things have changed, you couldn't be further from the truth.

    29 were always their own worst enemy. The 'Hats' were segregated from the commando trained and treated like vermin. The Gun Subs would rather deploy undermaned than take a 'Hat'.

    Each to their own, I'm just offering well aimed advice in that given the choice I'd opt for the Engineers Beat Up. 29 do their thing and that's up to them, like I say things have probably changed in the last 15 years. Each to their own
  11. I'm sorry, i thought you said "RE"...confused of Citadel Bks...
  12. In your situation, don't bother with the beat ups unless you lack the self discipline to self-beast. We had guys turning up from 29 with their feet already in ribbons. Write to CTC and work off the basic pack they send you. Oh - and get used to wearing a skirt.
  13. If the 24 Cdo Regt RE beat up is as hard as the one 59 Cdo Sqn RE ran you will be fit enough to pass the AACC. Their beat up PTI was on my cadre and my JCC and I have only met one other person who was fitter, my first troop staffy who was a Commonwealth rower (ex 59 as well).
  14. Plant life i assume you mean J,R was my Plant Q like you said extremely fit bloke
  15. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    I did my course, some time ago, with 29. Yes the 29 beat up was very hard but that meant Lympstone was a walk in the park. I believe at that time the 59 course was very similar. All the doubtful ones had been weeded out and the only ones who struggled at Lympstone were the ones who did their beat up elsewhere. (Log Regt mainly).