all arms commando course

i think iv gone and gotton myself on the all arms commando course soon, any hints, tips and other experiances would be very much apreciated!
Train like you've never trained before. Lots of upper body work; not just yomping around. Overhand pull ups a must. Remember to rehydrate ALL of the time, not just after running, this will help with endurance and recovery rates as the AACC involves a lot of attrition on your body. Learn how and where to tape your feet up. You might be lucky and never need to, but I doubt it. For the rope climb, some people used to use some kind of sticky substance used in racket sports to help you maintain friction when your hands are wet. Never did myself. Another one is to use kneepads for crawling around the Endurance Course. Again never needed to myself, but some lads swore by them.

Attend all of your commando training run by your unit and try and copy the type of training they put you through.

Have two pairs of well worn in boots.

And remember what you're aiming for, it will help through it all.

Good luck.

Typsey said:
...Another one is to use kneepads for crawling around the Endurance Course.
Anyone who doesn't like picking glass out their knees is beef.
Real commando's pick the tunnel with the most smashed bottles to get the full benefit. :D
Colonel_Foreskin-Crumb said:
naked bar!!!!!!!!!!!!
You lose, I'll have a pint of guiness!

Just to point out, I am quite short, and could run bent over in all of the tunnels except the smartie tubes. Payback is on the tabs with my 29" legs!
two questions as in my unit there is more chance of plaiting pi$$ than finding someone who's completed the aacc:
1, can you wear non issue boots?
2, whats the deal with weekends etc, do you get many, if any off?

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