All Arms Commando Course

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nomadcelt, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have a breakdown of AACC? I have the DCI/DIN which gives a general overview but I am looking for something more.
    Is there anything in print/on web/own experience that I can have which gives more detail of the (now) 7 week course?
  2. You doing the course twice?
  3. I blame DII machines - fecking useless.
  4. I don't think you'll get a better "own experience" than this.
    The last course was revamped and very successful by all accounts. If you are after personal top tips you need to speak to someone that has done the course RECENTLY if you are after more general info; strange as it may seem; have you tried ringing the AACC Chief Instructor, 29, one of the Sqns, Cdo Log Regt, etc?

  5. Having competed the commando course in December last year a rough break down week by week is as follows:

    Week 1
    - Admin/paperwork
    - BFT (5 x pull-ups, 40 sit ups, 1.5 mile (<10.5mins) run in boots)
    - WHT's
    - Lectures
    - RM Swimmng test (jump off high diving board wearing weighted webbing + drill rifle, swim 1/2 a length , remove kit and tread water for 2 mins)
    - CFT
    - One night exercise practicing wet and dry routine, field inspections and basic navigation.
    - Rope climbing
    - Bottom field sessions (first session is an eye opener!)

    Week 2
    - Bottom field sessions
    - various lectures
    - Ex Country man (3 nights in field practicing harbour drills, map and compass field craft and field inspections)
    - 8 Mile load carry (69lbs + rifle) back to camp

    Week 3
    - Bottom field sessions
    - 4 mile speed march
    - Ex Battleman (3 nights in field practicing section attacks, patrolling, Contact drills and final field inspection)
    - 12 mile load carry (69lbs + rifle) back to camp

    Week 4
    - Bottom field pass out wearing 21lbs+rifle (30ft rope climb, assault course, 200m firemans carry and full regain over static tank)
    - Ex Hangman (dig and live in a fire trench for 3 nights, troop attacks, patrolling, no sleep!)
    - Endurance course intro
    - Tarzan assault course intro
    - 6 mile speed march (cap comforter awarded on completion)

    Week 5
    - Abseiling/Cliff assault techniques, water crossing (at Foggin tor on Dartmoor)
    - Underwater escape drills (at RNAS Yeovilton)
    - Helocopter drills
    - Raiding drills (rigid raiders, LCVPs) at RM Poole
    - Endurance course final test run
    - Tarzan asasault course
    - FIBUA training

    Week 6
    - Final Ex (4 nights of yomping and other fun and games on Dartmoor!)
    - Endurance course <72mins (saturday morning)

    Week 7
    - 9 mile speed march in 90mins (monday)
    - Tarzan assault course <13mins (tuesday)
    - Green beret shaping
    - 30 miler <8 hrs (Berets awarded on completion)
    - Run ashore in Exmouth!!!

    This is about as accurate as i can be but if i think of anything else i will post it. The training team did hint that EX Hangman might be replaced with a FIBUA exercise but i dont know if this has yet changed.

    Best of luck mate
  6. Purely out of interest, but in Skinners post, in week 7 he has mentioned that a portion of the week was spent shaping their berets. I have got the impression that they shape their green beret differently compared to the average beret (apart from the para and SF - peaked).
    Do they shape them differently or was this just time alotted to shape them?
  7. Where has the 12 miler gone?
  8. 4 YEARS to post a reply. Been thinking it about it then....... :D
  9. Yes, much differently...I soaked mine in vinegar then stretched it over a bowling ball...

    It needs a bit of a play so you dont look like Benny Hill on the plinth, it's also a nice nudge for digging out on the 30 miler, although on mine the CGRM trotted out the last few miles with us wearing a lid that resembled 40lbs of green plasticine moulded round a sky dish
  10. It is a long time ago - 26 years to be precise but didn't it used to be 8 weeks?