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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by deuce4stryker, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    Ive searched up and low for detailed information about the commando course but to no avail.i thought this forum will be best to get this info because some of you have done it.actually im interested in the above course,so can someone please shed some light on what actually happens on the course before the commando test(build up phase).thanks in advance
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    Try here for a bit of int on AACC

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  4. What the hell do you want to waste ya time doing a cdo course when you can better yaself tenfold n do P Company!
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  7. ... he failed the Commando Course!
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  8. thanks for the replies.i tried all those websites but the only info i got from there is about the test week. i want to know
    what happens before the test week, so come on commandos,post something.cheers
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  10. A bit "old hat" to coin a phrase, and dosn't answer deuce4stryker's question ref Cdo beat up.
  11. Best place to look is in some recent DIN's
  12. From memory (those who have done the Course more recently, please correct):

    The Course is an 8 week affair that sees you on Exercise every week - most instruction is done in the field. There is an entrance criteria, press ups, sit ups, swim test, rope climb. The first three weeks see candidates spend alot of time on the bottom field assault course, this culminates in "passing off" the field with a series of tests - assault course sub 4 minutes, rope climb, fireman's carry and regain all with 22lb + wpn. When not on the course the rest of the first few weeks are spent learning field skills and basic infantry tactics; there are forced marches onto Ex carrying full kit. On Ex there are full kit inspections every morning, if you fail (likely), you get thrashed. After the first text Ex, they are all tactical, where candidates practice patrolling, orders etc.. This all culminates in a week long finalk Ex on sunny Dartmoor. After final Ex, test week begins. You do the Endurance Course (2 mile assault course and 4 mile run + shoot) on the saturday. Nine miler is on monday (22lb +wpn, in 90 mins), Tarzan assault on tuesday and the 30 miler on the wednesday. Hope this is of help.
  13. Thanks very much Humpy.i take it that the longest run you will have to do is the 4mile, as the 9 and 30 miler is a march.please correct me if im wrong.which part of the body would you advice to be in good shape(upper or lower)?thanks

  14. Whilst we are on the subject, what is the usual pass rate for AACC? What are the main obstacles to completing the course? Cheers.