All arms commando course

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by booboo, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. Should be ok - trickiest parts are not the runs but the re-gain and aerial assault course.
  2. Re-gain: wearing CEFO, helmet & rifle. cross a swimming pool on a rope, stop halfway ang hang down, then haul yourself back up and continue. Sounds easy but you will be tired and probably wet when you do it.

    Assault course: Climb a rope about 30' then sprint around an average assault course, followed by an assault course in the trees and death slide back down, then climb up a 30' wall, and if you have any breath left let the DS know your name and last 4!

    At least that was it when I did it twenty years ago. Someone should be able to put you right about the current situation.
  3. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    Go moderately fit, but don't overdo it or you could peak (physically) too soon :oops:

    Improvement during the course is a must - shows commitment whatever :lol:

    Just remember that none of your shirts or uniform jackets will fit you once you have completed the course :wink:

    Oh and climbing a gym rope arms only in clean PT kit is a doddle: the real thing in soaking wet webbing and when totally knackered is more of a challenge.

    Regains are not impossible and are an art.

    Remember also that pain is merely an emotion and your skin is actually waterproof :p

    Good luck :wink:
  4. If there are any TA Cdo or RMR units near you they would be happy to show you how to perform a regain - it is an art!

    And skin is only waterproof for the first 24 hours, but you won't stay wet for that long during the tests - just out on the moor! :cry:
  5. Pull ups are fine, however, it's heaves you want to be working on (overarm). The criterea is 5 quality heaves.

    Physicaly, you sound like you'd be ok (you don't need to be superman), it's your mental attitude that has to be in a good state. Don't take everything personally and treat it like a game.
  6. Sounds like a fun time to be had!
  7. Are they still running the TA AACC?
  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Grief. Memories! Did mine 30 years ago! :D
    To add to the above:
    You will need a head for heights (goes without saying) :)
    Not have claustrophobia (remember the tunnels have bends so are dark in the middle), the water tunnel isn't as bad as it sounds. :D
    Get your mapreading up to speed (you will be sent onto Dartmoor to navigate at night). 8O
    Remember you will do the Commando tests when you are knackered (On our endurance course test it was ' Sorry there is no transport to get you out there, make sure you are all there for 0830 (Oh by the way we are going by landrover!)' At least it saved a warm up. :twisted:
    Most importlantly keep your sense of humour & keep smiling no matter how many pressup you get. :twisted: :twisted:
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

  10. 3 years later!! does anyone know if they still run TA AACC?
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

  12. cheers oldbaldy
  13. Ok Have been training to go on my Commando course.Am thinking of maybe Oct this year or Feb next year.
    Have been running and tabbing for about three months now. How long do people reccomend training for??
    Im 37 and have been in 15 years. my soldiering skills are fine, just a little worried I might burn myself out before getting on the course.

    Any advice and P***taking welcome.