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Hi all, after some advice please.... I am 33 in march so I will be to old to join the Marines. So would it be possible to join the navy as its recruitment age is 36 then whilst at basic request to do the All arms commando course, providing I pass that would the Marines allow me to join them or would I be sent back to the navy?
Passing the AACC does not make you a Royal Marine, it makes you a Navy / Army Commando and you will be expected to return to work and crack on.

I am not sure how many slots there are for Navy Commandos, on my course there was 1 x Sea King pilot only. Most of the Navy who work in HQ 3 Cdo Bde have not passed the course and I don't think there is a requirment for them to do so. If there is no requirment it becomes very hard to justify a place on the course.

I sugegst you do your homework and ask the Navy recruiters who will be able to give you a better idea of the opportunity
You will have very little (Read No) chance of going down the route you mentioned. The RN will have you in training for quite some time to get you your trade training before you go anywhere, after that unless you have a role required by the Corps you wont even get near the Bde.

People do attend the AACC later on in life so you could technically achieve this. (A Reme guy passed the course at 45, for service with 3 BAS).
Thank you for your advice.... Thought it was a long shot to be fair, just trying to find a way to beat the age limits.
To join the Royal Marines from any branch or armed service you will be required to start Basic training at CTCRM from day one, week one.

Can any of you guys give me any advice on which is the best if any route... On me getting a chance at joining the Marines at 33. Many thanks in advance.
Can any of you guys give me any advice on which is the best if any route... On me getting a chance at joining the Marines at 33. Many thanks in advance.
I think you might be out the age range for even regular army, but as for joining the Marines the closest I think you'd probably get is one of the army units that serves within 3 Commando Brigade.

Join the Royal Artillery, do basic at Pirbright, go to Larkhill for your gunner training and ask for your first posting to be 29 Commando Regiment RA. They're mega undermanned apparently, they'll do their own assessment of your fitness and if they think you're up to scratch they'll put you through the AACC and you'll get your green lid. Won't be a Marine, but you'll have their beret and serve with them. Hell you'll even get to share boats with them.

Still, ye might be over the age limit even for that mate.
The age limit is 31 for direct entry - google is your friend! Again, you are better off asking the recruiters about transferring as there is nothing on the Royal Navy website. The age limits for the Army is 32yrs 11 months (as a soldier) so unless you pull your finger out may be too old to join say the Engineers and do the AACC.

Your only option seems to be the Navy but I would suggest you ask them for the correct advice first
Grewy your best hope is to join the RN as a medical assistant. The RN supplies the bulk of medics to Corps as well as training RM Medics. On completion of your medical training request to work with Commando Forces, this will give you the oppertunity to see what life with the bootnecks is all about and get your fitness up to required standard. Then request to do your AACC. If successful or even not you spend the rest of time in the RN with the Corps.
Madrabkebab thank you for your reply.... That idea sounds like a good option to be fair. I will be looking into it straight away thanks again for your help. Fingers crossed.
The other trades working for 3 CDO brigade are:
*Logistics (Supply Chain): we work for their rear party so their SA's can get out on the ground.
*Marine Engineer: Get a draft to Commando Logistics Rgmt and train as a vehicle mechanic.
*Weapons Engineer

All 3 of them trades are based at the Commando Logistic Regiment and 24 Commando Royal Engineers run a Pre AACC there for anyone wanting to go green lid no matter what cap badge they are.

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Good luck, medical training is a long haul, 39 weeks plus 12 weeks contuinuation training (51 in total). Currently held at Keogh Barracks in Ash Vale on the out skirts of Aldershot. It's a tri-service unit, but heavily weighted towards the Army as it used to be Depot for RAMC.

Or, go to AFCO, if they def won't take you as a regular RM, (do you have previous military service?), then consider RMR.. There's a bit more flexibility on age, and I think you can get the AFCO bit done before march and you'll be in the system. Then all you've got to do is pass PRMC, do the 14 months of training at weekends, two two weekers at Lympstone, pass the commando tests and you'll be a Royal! Its reportedly quite easy then to move over to regulars after you've done a tour with them and impressed them with your ninja like skills. If AFCO say you're too old for RMR, then some people have gone TA commando engineers done TA AACC and then transferred into RMR without having to do RM course.. I doubt this will happen too often though as the view its that they've not trained as a Royal, and that there is a difference between a green beret and a green beret with a globe and laurel..
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