all arms commando course

is it better to attempt the AACC at the start of your career(after chatham) or after gaining some experience at a regular unit for a couple of years first?

also is it fairly simple to volunteer for 24 from a regular engineer regiment? like are they happy to let you go to do it?


Better off posting this thread in the Sapper.

But my advice is,

1. Most Engr units do the same job on tour now, regardless of the colour of the beret.

2. Its good to get out to Germany to experience it for a few years at least,and maybe get your JNCO cadre out the way.

3. Doing a tour with a close support regiment (Armoured) will make you a more complete combat engr.

Whether you go to 24 now or in a few years it is fairly unlikley that you will spend your entire career at 24 and will eventually have to spend a few years out in the rest of the wider corps. Its up to you!!!!!

Good luck

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