All Arms Commando Course/ P COY

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Sgt_Henno_Garvie, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Hello boys, i was just wondering if the Territorial Army were able to do the Royal Marines Commando Course or the Paras P Coy, any info would be a big bonus to me so please comment back.

  2. It depends on what you want to join, generally if the unit is part of either 3 Cdo Bde or 16 AA Bde then you would be invited to attempt either of the courses, generally if you don't pass then they will either offer a non-role job or hand you over to another unit.
  3. If you want to do the commando course or P coy. Why not join the marines reserves, or a para reserves unit?

    Alternatively someone like the engineers 131 Independent Commando Squadron will get you on the commando course.
  4. To do P coy in the TA, you have to be 4PARA- at least that's what I was told, if anyone knows different, please PM me
  5. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    299 Para sqn RE. Based in Yorkshire. They will do TA P Coy
  6. 201 Air Assault Battery at Luton/Romford and 100 Regt RA also undertake P Coy.
  7. The TA airborne and RMR both do their respective selection courses (as indeed do 'Them' and 'Those').

    To do TA P Coy simply join 4PARA or any airborne TA unit (RE, RA, RSigs, RLC(?), etc).

    To do the Commando Course join the RMR.

    If you want to join 'Them' then head off to either 21 or 23 SAS. I am not too sure on the entry method for 'Those', and I suspect you have to have been RMR before being allowed to attempt selection of the SBS.

    All the TA courses differ from the Regular course mainly in terms of duration. The tests at each phase are normally the same, but the difference does lead to some ribbing. Also it would be almost impossible to expect a new TA SAS trooper to have anything like the ability of a regular SAS soldier. Why? Because people can join the TA SAS directly, unlike in the Regular Army where there is a minimum requirement of 2 years service. Also the TA do not have the time (or the training budget) to go off and do Jungle and the other more exotic phases of the training in one go. (I stand to be corrected by those more up-to-date and knowledgable)
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No, as stated by the other posters you need to be in an airborne roled TA unit.

    Give me strength, how many times...... :roll:
  9. 201 Air Assault Battery at Luton

    anyone have any contact details for the above unit

    cheers Mac
  10. Do they even have a reserve element? Can't say i've ever heard of one, but am happy to be corrected
  11. Er nope they dont
    at least they didnt when I was in and I have heard nothing to the contrary since
  12. Do you mean 'these'?

    If not, I'm getting confused here :)
  13. You will find This Link provides access to the initial point of conatct to the reserve element of "Them" and "Those" as well as the reserve element of the "Scaleyback Them"
  14. Join the ACF PARA and do PCOY as a 16 year old (yes, they will make you younger)!
  15. haha. you must be joking. last info i had was that when 289 became part of 201 the co wanted "gunners not paras". if things have changed then fair cop, but every time i speak to guys involved in the unit they say it hasn't.

    so 201 are calling themselves an air assault battery now. tickles me

    (no offence intended to anyone in 201 who has wings)