All Arms Commando Course for R Signals.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Awoljon, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Hi there, I am hoping that someone one here can shed some light on getting on an AACC as a Royal Signals CS Eng. I have been told that you have to try and get a posting at the Commando Bde and then get loaded on the course! Does anyone know if you can do the course and then get a posting there? Is it really that easy to get posted there as the Royal Marines have their own Signals.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Not in myself yet, but was just reading through The Wire in my boredom whilst waiting for Phase 1 and this was in it, regarding postings within 30 Cdo IX Group -

    "it would be remiss of me not to mention the equally excellent opportunities within Comms Sqn for CS (Eng), Class 2 and 1 and any Cpl or Sgts who would be happy working in the Crypto (Cypher) Cell. The Royal Signals soldiers who work along side the Royal Marines enjoy themselves enormously and most have to dragged out of the door kicking and screaming. They of course also get the chance to complete the Commando Course… "

    That was from June 2012, whether it is any use to you I dont really know, just thought I would mention seeing it.
  3. Camz input aside, Awoljon, you can get on the AACC from any unit in THEORY. In practice units such as 29Cdo will always snap up spare places that you could theoretically pick up.

    There are spots for Royal Sigs pax, about 8 n total (IIRC). Get one of those and you WILL get a spot on the AACC. Possibly even before you got to 30Cdo.

    Phone up the Signals and Cypher lot in the newly formed 30 CDo and fin dout when the next CSEng is due out. Then get your CoC o phone up your desk officer and see what can be done. Put it on your PPP (JPA and paper) and see if your CoC will endorse such a move in your write ups.

    You will work alongside the RM, which is an experience in itself.
  4. On the subject of which, if you do get a spot might be worth ringing up 29 and seeing if you can get on their beat up course. Run from Okehampton and is designed to get you ready, a good hard few weeks with a weekend off between course finish and AACC start (quite close to CTC for the move too).
  5. Go on spin some dits about the experience, I could do with a giggle (and some Ammo on the Sigs lads, for ron) and the OP would benefit from the int.;P
  6. I'm afraid I have never been in 30, or its predecessor, nor indeed formally posted to 3 Cdo.

    I could tell you of a RMs imagination when explaining a laptop screen that had broken though... it was a droped water bottle guv, nd not at all a fist (despite when turning lappy on the screen displayed 4 prominent break points!)
  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I dragged a bloody R Sigs Cpl round the endurance course.
    Idle prat!

    That a good enough giggle?
  8. Royal Signals Corporal on my course in late 88 finished the 30 miler with a couple of broken bones in his foot.

    Always remember the look on his face at the end, it was bad enough with non broken foot, a lot of respect for him.

    Also Capt and WO2 R Sigs on the same course who both passed as well.
  9. Chatting away in a bar with some friends, my frau told them how where we were based was so nice, que other frau telling her beau he should put in for a posting there... his only option was to complete an AACC for a posting to the unit he could go to (not mine).

    The resulting discussion ended with 'Oh, I'll just bang out an arduous so you can live in a nice area shall I?'

    He devorced her not long after, did hs AACC and got posted there.
  10. Made me smirk, mabe more detail of pain and injuries would help on the giggle front? :grin:

    TBH I was more interested in how working in 30 Cdo RM, or working with Royal in general is "an experience". Only of course to pre-arm the OP, so he knows what to expect, the obvious wardrobe changes etc.;P
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    OB. 'I have the chance of a posting to Malta'

    Mrs OB. 'What does that mean?'

    OB. 'Before I can go I'd have to do the Commando Course'

    Mrs OB. 'I want to go to Malta so you do the course'

    I still remind her of the pain she inflicted on me. It was a good tour though.
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  12. Ask your chain of command to dig out 2012DIN07-059 which is the Instructions for the All Arms Commando Course (AACC).

    In outline, if you're applying from outside the Bde, you need to:

    1. Ensure you can pass the basic tests - Royal Marines Basic Fitness Test, WHT test, RM Swim Test, MSFT to level 11, RM CFT and 30ft rope climb. You must have completed these in the 3 months prior to the Pre Commando Course. Your CO and MO also need to approve your application. You also need to brush up on your basic nav, 1st Aid and signalling skills and be up to date on your MATTs.

    2. You can then apply via the contact details on the DIN through MCM Div. If you're not in the Bde, you must approach one of the other non RM commando units (MDUs in RM-speak - 24, 29 or CLR) for a place on the Pre CC prior to the AACC. Full details of the PCC are again in the DIN.

    3. Get loaded onto the AACC and pass!

    As I say, full details are in the DIN (which expires soon, but will be replaced before Apr with the Course Dates for the 13/14 Training Year). It is possible to do this when you're at a non Commando Unit, but as the DIN says in nice big letters, priority will be given to the MDUs.

    Best of luck, it looks ******* nails. :)
  13. Thanks for all the replies and info guys!

    As for above "Alan Partridge", thanks I managed to get the said DIN on armynet.

    It is quite a course and I think it is a good challenge! Opens up some posting options too! LOL!