All Arms Commando Course.........any tips!!

I've recently developed a urge to go down and partake the regime begun.....brain prepared for 'bullshit', any tips on the sort of training i should be doing/sort of grief i should expect!!!?

Most Appreciatted

Did it way back in the 70s, one piece of advice - change your brain attitude
Attitude has to be that of aggresive determination to succeed - yeh I know, I sound like a feckin' careers SNCO. It wasn't bullsh!t being fed - more like weeding out the no-hopers. If you're fit and you're determined, listen to what they've got to say - they've done it themselves. Good luck Raymondo prove it to yourself you can!
At the end of the AACC you get asked a serious question. Would you like your brain back or a big watch? Most opt for the big watch. I know thats what i opted for in 92. Don't do it if you not fully commited.

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